Selling On Own Website: Shopify And Magento

E-commerce is seeing a significant rise in popularity as consumer demand increases. The concept of purchasing products online at ease and having it delivered to your doorstep makes it all the more fascinating and convenient. For small scale business owners, having physical stores has proven to be expensive, time-consuming and an unreliable source for profit. The demanding nature of stores and shops has driven business owners to seek help on e-commerce platforms. Here, they can sell their products with ease without burning a hole in their pocket.

Platforms like Shopify and Magento are names that come up often when talking about e-commerce. These are relatively different from generic platforms that aim at selling products online. With Shopify and Magento, you can develop your website online under your terms and conditions. It is merely a facilitator for your online presence and ensures that the essence of your online site stays within your rules.


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Shopify is an online platform which allows the sale of products to customers online as well as in-person at retail locations. The website helps you bring your products into the limelight with your e-commerce website. The site has attractive features such as “Point of Sale”, aiming to elevate the in-person selling experience, “Flexible Buy Button”, allowing you to transform current websites into online stores, “Sales Channels” which ensures that your products reach as many shoppers as possible. No matter how small or large your business may be, the strategic tools available on the website will allow you to expand your business at a much faster pace.


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Magento aims solely to provide growth to your business by its exquisite digital retail experience. With a combination of the latest technology, partnerships across the globe and an extension of the marketplace, your business will be ready to thrive on your e-commerce website. No matter the size of your business, Magento provides you with a tailored e-commerce website suiting your needs, helping you build your business and benefit from the flexibility of the site. The full-lifecycle consumer experience delivered by Magento allows business owners to generate more sales uniquely. With an engaging experience for shoppers and cloud services, customers can enjoy an interactive and seamless shopping experience. In addition to the wonder of the website, your business will also be supported by merchants across the globe, partnered to help bring life to your business dreams.


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An attractive website is a job half done. While the quality of a product must be assured, having a well-presented mobile-friendly website will impress customers and urge them into frequent shopping. Shopify offers over one hundred beautiful themes for the mobile view of the website. The store optimizes itself automatically depending on the different sizes of the device used by the customer. 69% of consumers are between the age group of 18 to 39, using their mobile to do the research work before the purchase of any product- having a stunning website helps in gaining a more solid consumer base.


Shopify helps boost your website onto the next level. The App store available for Shopify allows for considerable flexibility in website building, in turn, meaning more growth for your business. Much like Apple’s app store, Shopify’s app stores will enable you to do more for your website with unique features. As the consumer base and traffic on your website increases, profits roll in.


It is easy for customers to get stuck or confused when dealing with online purchases. Shopify offers a 24/7 technical support system in the form of live chats and emails so that the customer can clarify any doubts. In case of queries regarding refund, exchange, etc. it is essential to let the consumer feel that you have their back. Aiding them with around-the-clock support helps keep their anxiety at bay while shopping online. Shopify also offers general business tips via forums, to keep you updated with current trends and goals.


The flexibility allowed by Magento ensures that there are no limitations concerning how you design your online store. You are free to make the store personal and unique, helping customers remember your trade-mark style and come back for more. With a coder by your side, you can transform your business into a thriving e-commerce platform filled with exuberant shoppers.


Since the whole point of having an online store is spending less money on the physicality of things, it makes sense that there must be significant cost-cutting to reap the benefits of e-commerce. Magento allows business owners to use the website for free as it is an open-source platform available in the public domain.


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E-commerce websites like Shopify and Magento are changing the recent trends of online selling. Allowing business owners to develop their website as per their requirements ensures that they stand out as a brand in the thousands of online stores available. There has been a rise in the use of online platforms by consumers for the reason that now, customers from anywhere across the globe can access products available on the other side of the world. Looking into the needs of both the owners as well as customers, Shopify and Magento have become a major internet hit in the field of e-commerce. Unique themes, flexibility, and online forums to support their cause, business owners seem more drawn to make an impact on the internet and leave their mark.

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