With so many competitors around, it is no longer easy to get loyal customers. To get one such customer who loves coming back to your e-commerce site, you don’t only have to be with the best products, but you have to come up with a unique marketing idea.

The main reason why some e-commerce businesses fail to build customer confidence is that they don’t keep the promises that they make in the first place. In an e-commerce business, it is easy to get someone to try you once, but it depends on you whether you can make a positive impact. Many businesses come up with attractive discounts and offers, but a majority of them are attached with tons of terms and conditions which generally don’t benefit the customers and eventually, their interest in your business dies out.

Though it majorly depends upon the type of the online selling sites and their target customer segment, there are some general thumb rules which benefit all such businesses. In this article, we will discuss five such tips to build up customer confidence and maintain it. Let’s begin:

  1. Keep it simple for the customers: A majority of people who buy products online admit that they hate to follow hundreds of steps to make a similar purchase. Also, some people complain about the complicated discount schemes, unfair delivery charges, and taxes at the time of checkout. You are fully aware of the price that you want to sell your product at so there is no point lying about it while showing it to your customer and then increasing the price drastically when the add the product to their cart. More often, the customer will ditch your site and buy the product somewhere else!
  2. Pick your signature style: We are all aware of a famous eyewear e-commerce business that brought the 3-D face trial feature to their online selling site. Customers are always looking for something new, and only innovation can make your online selling site look different from the others. A simple innovation that you pick soon becomes your signature style and gets attached to your brand name. Feature-based marketing is the next big thing!
  3. Enrich your store: With more options to choose from, people spend more time on your e-commerce site and most probably leave only after making a purchase. Simply put, don’t expect customers to go through a couple of products and buy one of them. Most of the leading e-commerce brands which have established a name for themselves have done so mainly because of their product range. With so many warehouses in Pune, Warehouse in Mumbai product availability isn’t a problem anymore.
  4. Maintain a strong social media presence: According to broadband search, people spend around two and a half hours daily on social media scrolling through their feeds. An excellent social media marketing strategy will target to use the two and half hour window to attract customer to their sites. However, we aren’t only interested in making first-time customers, but here we are talking about gaining their trust too. To maintain their trust, utilize their browsing choices, and display personalized ads on social media platforms. It’s a workable strategy, and all the leading brands are making a good benefit out of it. Also, you must focus on your last-mile fulfillment by engaging reputed ecommerce fulfillment services; India has many useful options now.
  5. Reliable customer support is the key: We have already talked about keeping the promises, but in case your customer feels that you have broken any, you should have a team ready to address their grievances. It is important to note that if even one customer has a bad experience with your e-commerce business, then it can harm your reputation in many ways, which you will not like to happen. A manager at a leading e-commerce fulfillment services, India agreed that an excellent way to build a capable customer support infrastructure is by offering the customers multiple ways to contact your support team, i.e. through chat, e-mail, and call.

Final Word

When a customer buys something from your e-commerce site, it means that you have only made a sale and you haven’t yet earned a loyal customer. Whether the customer will come back to your site solely depends upon their experience with your site, and how well you connect with them. Apart from that, many e-commerce businesses sideline the importance of delivery speed, which is a grave mistake. It doesn’t matter whether you have your warehouse in Mumbai, you must have an effective last-mile delivery system. Finally, there’s simple three-word advice that will always come handy while maintaining a good relationship with your customers. Don’t Break Promises!

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