Warehouse Fulfillment Center in India: Finding your right storage

Warehouse fulfillment centers can be an excellent utility for you if you want to increase the scope of your business. As we all know, there are a ton of things that need to be taken care of in a business. Getting an efficient warehouse fulfillment center can help you a lot in focusing on other essential aspects of your business, like the advertisement, product development, etc. In this post, we will describe some of the things that you must look for while choosing the warehouse fulfillment centers in India.

What is a Warehouse Fulfillment Center?

A warehouse fulfillment center is a place where you can put your goods by paying some rent. They will take care of packing and shipping your products to the respective customers and hence, will save a lot of time, money, and effort for you. If you have a moderately large business, it is highly advisable to get a warehouse service provider to ease your task at a nominal charge.

How to get the perfect Warehouse Fulfillment Center in India?

Finding a warehouse fulfillment center in India can be a tough task as there are not many great options in the market. There are some points that you need to analyze carefully before choosing any warehouse. Following is a comprehensive list of some of the factors that decide the utility of a warehouse.

  • Security Measures

The first and foremost thing that you might be looking in your warehouse is security. You don’t want a sudden phone call saying that thieves came to the warehouse and stole your products or a fire broke out, and the warehouse fulfillment center couldn’t handle it. You need to ensure that proper security precautions are present there in the warehouse. There must be a reliable surveillance system inside as well outside the warehouse to ensure that your products are completely safe in their hands.

  • Safety Concerns

Most of the time, you will use the warehouse for costly and easily damageable products. In that case, there are very high chances that your product gets defected due to the silly mistakes of the warehouse managers. Hence, you must inquire about the safety measures to keep your products beforehand. If the consumer receives any defective product, it is you who will suffer the most. Hence, it is your responsibility to check whether the warehouse has adequately educated and well-trained staff or not.

  • Fast Delivery

It is crucial to ensure that your warehouse is adopting extra measures to ensure fast delivery. Again it is you who will suffer the most if the product is not delivered timely to your customers. Apart from distribution, you must also consider checking the customer service of the warehouse is decent or not.

  • Location

The location of your warehouse is essential for two perspectives. First, it must be close to you as you can’t be transporting the goods to the warehouse by spending a lot of money. The second one is concerning the customers. The warehouse must be present at the place from where it can deliver products in the least time. If any of these two aspects are selected wrongly, your business can see a downfall. If the warehouse is too far from your manufacturing unit, the cost of transportation and the loss of product during transit will increase. On the other hand, if your warehouse is too far from the customers, it can hamper the speed of delivery.

  • Staffs and Managerial Organization

The working team of your warehouse must be well-educated and well-trained. They must know their work accurately. At the same time, there must be a fine-tuning between them and you so that practical relation exists between you and them. Apart from that, the managerial staff must also be well trained because any defect in the workforce of the warehouse fulfillment center will affect your business. Hence, you will have to be extremely careful in choosing a warehouse that has skilled laborers and smart managers.

Why Quickshift?

Quickshift is a well-recognized name in the warehouse fulfillment services in India. They have a tremendous human resource that is working continuously for the adequate storage and delivery of your products. They make sure that you integrate various e-commerce platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, etc. in one place. You can link your e-commerce website’s account on the Quickshift dashboard. Whenever there is some order, Quickshift will pack and ship the request using an efficient algorithm. It will save you the cost of warehouse fulfillment and will help you in increasing more customers. The following are the two biggest brands that are associated with Quickshift to ensure fast and low-cost delivery.

  • Amazon

Amazon is an international brand, and hence, you can trust them very quickly. Many people use Amazon.in for their product listing. Since Quickshift is well-associated with Amazon’s different services like Amazon FBA and Amazon Flex, you are sure to get high-quality services at affordable rates. Their reach is quite useful for different remote cities in India. This will help in increasing the scope of your business.

  • Flipkart

Like Amazon, Flipkart also provides different programs like Flipkart Lite and Flipkart Smart that can help in the effective delivery of your product. Quickshift has integration with Flipkart, and hence, you need not worry about the logistics part once you get attached to Quickshift.

The factors mentioned above are crucial for the selection of the right warehouse fulfillment center in India. You should be very cautious while choosing a warehouse as a wrong choice can hand you a tremendous financial and credibility loss. Apart from selecting the best services, it is also essential to look at the price of warehousing services. You need to calculate whether this expenditure is increasing your sales or not. If not, you should think otherwise. Quickshift is a brand that can help you in improving your reach and decreasing the cost because of their deep connection with various e-commerce brands. And they provide their services at a reasonable price. Hence, you can choose their services if you manufacture a product for different e-commerce websites.

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