Eco-Friendly Packaging Solution For D2C Brands

Recently, there has been a market shift to e-commerce that has created a whole new set of business strategies. New opportunities have opened up for the D2C brands in India with the availability of the internet and mobile devices

Most businesses are trying to cope up with consumer needs. The evolving consumer trends have led to the emergence of new services like micro fulfillment services in India and innovative business operations to explore new marketing and sales plans.

Thus, for business owners, the shift to e-commerce has created a lot of new challenges. It involves decision-making related to inventory maintenance, warehousing, packaging solutions, and shipping products directly to the consumers.

Why Is Right Packaging Important?

Sales of a product are known to be directly related to packaging. With customers shopping online, visual appearance has a significant impact on sales. In addition, the first thing a customer notices when a product reaches from fulfillment centers in India to their home is the product packaging.

Thus, brands like QuickShift are coming up with state-of-the-art sustainable packaging solutions. Here are some examples:

  • No use of plastic in packaging
  • Offering reusable packaging
  • Using biodegradable packaging materials
  • Secured and lightweight packaging

What Is Green Packaging?

Green packaging, also called eco-friendly packaging, is a method of using materials and techniques which do not cause any harmful effects on the environment.

The focus of sustainable packaging is to reduce greenhouse emissions produced during the manufacturing of packaging materials.

Some of the packaging solutions are given below.

  • Corrugated Bubble Wrap
  • Recycled Cardboard and Paper
  • Plant-Based Biomaterials made of agricultural waste
  • Organic Fabrics like hemp flax, recycled cotton, etc.
  • Post-Consumer Recycled Plastics

Role Of Packaging In Various Business Operations

As the number of D2C brands in India is increasing, competition in the market is also rising. Every business wants to have an edge over others in providing satisfaction to the consumers.

Packaging plays an important role from attracting the consumer to making transportation easy. It also provides all the information related to products. Today, businesses connect with great outsourcing companies which offer facilities like inventory management systems, warehousing facilities, and shipping services to carry out their business operations.

1. Inventory Maintenance

An inventory is a stock of goods that businesses maintain to meet consumer demands on time. It is important to have a well-developed inventory management system as it helps you to keep track of the goods outflow.

Various ways of packaging different goods like daily use products, durable goods, or perishable goods assist in managing inventory properly. This saves a lot of time and money for businesses.

2. Warehousing

While inventory management focuses on stock-keeping facilities, warehouse management systems control the entire storage structure. The warehouse is a place to store all your products till the time of their distribution for sale.

From storing raw material to finished products, a warehouse stores all types of goods. It is crucial to have proper packaging of products so that they do not get spoiled while they are stored in the warehouse.  A warehouse management system assists in controlling the movement of goods and improving the supply chain.

3. Product Wrapping

In current times, with the many concerns towards the environment, individuals are looking forward to the usage of biodegradable materials. That’s not all. More time is being spent on finding packaging solutions by the companies.

Businesses are looking for green packaging materials to protect the product from damages during transport, handling, and storage. A package design and size attract consumers which makes marketing easy.

4. Transportation

Shipping is very crucial for businesses, especially for Direct-to-Consumer brands.  Many businesses turn to companies with fulfillment centers in India so that the deliveries are made on time. Proper packaging is very helpful during the loading and unloading of cargo while shipping.

Delivery is the first physical contact between the consumer and the business. Consumers look forward to getting properly wrapped products on time without any inconveniences between purchase and the delivery of the product at home.

QuickShift fulfillment service delivers orders directly to the customer as soon as they are ready to be shipped.  It offers an updated dashboard to integrate all the business channels in one place.


An eco-friendly packaging leaves a position impact on the customers when they receive their products. When it comes to online purchasing, consumers buy from the brands that provide them with the highest level of satisfaction.

Outsourcing companies offer micro fulfillment services in India like QuickShift, for many D2C brands which helps them to simplify their operations from making products to delivering them to the consumers. 

The focus of packaging is primarily on getting the perfect material in the right size for their products. It is also about ensuring product safety against any transportation mishaps or any other damages due to external factors like water and air.

QuickShift fulfillment service tries to reduce the time gap between the order processing and delivery of products, keeping the safety of products as a priority.

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