The concept of E-commerce has not only digitalized the definition of trading but has brushed it with a touch of advancement, which offers innumerable benefits to both ends. First, customers get inevitably drawn to virtual marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, etc. where not only the ease of buying a product is achieved, but also reliability functions well. And as sellers, there’s not much you seek besides making your customers happy with your services, and therefore, making your brand victorious than ever.

There’s no doubt that India is an abode to an exceptional blend of the audience with contrasting requirements, which helps you boost your sales to a great extent. Besides customers, there are various remarkable order fulfilment services in India as well to meet all your requirements on time. But to keep your business thriving, it is crucial to expand its horizons and step into the world of globalization.

If you’re a beginner in trading overseas and have no experience yet, we have assembled the must-follow tips while going global in sales to stick to the correct path and avoid any hurdle, or least, be prepared to battle it down.

Let’s dive into them!

  • Recognizing and Understanding Your Marketplace

What you are going to sell and where you are going to sell are two factors that always go hand in hand. Therefore, without deciding these two, it’s impossible to grow your brand.

Let’s understand the concept of the marketplace first.

When we talk about the location where you will be selling your items, we refer to the target audience residing in that area as well as other factors that differ with places and hence, are capable of affecting your sales. Don’t worry about the storage facilities, for Quickshift provides the best of all warehousing services in India and overseas as well.

Knowing your customers lays down the foundation of your business in that country. Besides their requirements, you must also be aware of the economy of that place, rules regarding the regulation of products as well as taxes affecting them. Fleet Management Software can help you in being compliant.

Moreover, lay focus on the overall cost and speed of such an initiative and then select the ideal places.

You can also consider international shipping to India in case you want to broaden your reach by selling scarcely available foreign products in India.

  • Filtering Your Products

The next step to excelling in the art of trading overseas is to prioritize the products you are going to sell. With the change in geography, the culture, the lifestyle, and hence the requirements of people also vary. You cannot sell your summer collection of dresses in regions that remain under the snow for a long time.

Therefore, you must conduct market researches or surveys to understand your customers and then filter your products accordingly. Hire the top order fulfilment services in India to help you deliver efficiently.

  • Selecting the Right Medium

After deciding your marketplace and products, the next thing you have to do is choose a medium or channel through which you are going to reach your customer and offer top-class services. Amazon and eBay are the best destinations to market your product on because not only their reach is profound but also their reliability and trust with the buyers are vigorous. And by hiring a company like Quickshift, which is integrated with these channels which provide splendid warehousing solutions in India as well as other countries, you can avail the best of the facilities at affordable prices.

  • Increasing the Number of Payment Options

Do not forget to ease the entire process out for your customers by making almost every payment mode available to them. As explained earlier, how geography plays a vital role in deciding the preference of your clients, it becomes crucial to make their choice of payment options and gateways accessible to them. There have been several studies on the same subject delineating how various brands lose a considerable lot of potential customers on the grounds of incorrect payment methods solely. Hence, make sure you avoid such blunders.

  • International Returns Policy

The last thing you need to keep in mind is the return policy. It’s still easier to refund your client’s money and make return services available to them when your customers, as well as you, are citizens of the same country. But when it comes to trading past the borders, you must make sure to clarify your international returns policy as well as keep it up with the regulations of that region. Quickshift enables you to handle international shipping to India in case of returned goods without any inconvenience.


International trade is not easy, but is exceptionally fruitful, especially when you are financially ready. Besides that factor, all the vital tips you needed to know is mentioned above for efficient and top-quality sales. There’s not much stress upon when you know how you can improve the order fulfilment process as well as manage your fleet conveniently.

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