How To Become A Flipkart Assured Seller?

Flipkart Assured is a solution provided by Flipkart which focuses on the quality and speed of the product. The products under Flipkart assured are first verified, packed and then dispatched to the customer’s location. The sellers whose products are approved by Flipkart avail a ‘Flipkart Assured’ badge on every product. The badge makes it easy for the customers to differentiate between the Flipkart Assured product and a normal product.

Benefits of Having Flipkart Assured Badge

The ‘Flipkart Assured’ badge is a quality and speed badge which is applied to the selected products. It has set a new benchmark in online shopping which facilitates customers to buy the products with the ‘Flipkart Assured’ Badge. Flipkart Assured is a ‘Quality and Speed Assurance’ program that guarantees its customers a high-quality product in the fastest time. The products under the ‘Flipkart Assured’ badge are generally delivered within 2-4 days.

‘Flipkart Assured’ Badge on the products would help in gaining attention from the customers as it signifies high-quality products that have passed six quality checks. The products with the ‘Flipkart Assured’ badge are from the best sellers of Flipkart and are packed and dispatched for a steady delivery. Also, the products with price above Rs. 500 are eligible for free shipping.

Who Are Eligible for ‘Flipkart Assured’ Badge?

The ‘Flipkart Assured’ badge is something that is more than a sticker and is supported by a comprehensive suite. The process of badging is strengthened by deep technology expertise and supply chain efficiency, it cannot be solely decided by customers or sellers. The team of data scientists has developed a unique algorithm that computes an array of data inputs which includes customer ratings, returns, seller cancellations and other activities that may relate to performance and customer experience. Based on the product’s performance the developed algorithm badges the product with the ‘Flipkart Assured’ badge.

Fees Customers Need To Pay To Avail Flipkart Assured Service?

Customers are not required to pay any fees to avail the Flipkart Assured Services. Flipkart Assured is an inclusive and buyer-friendly program that does not charge fees from its customers. Customers can avail the advantages without getting any subscription plans.

How Does A Product Earn Flipkart Assured Badge?

Not every product is entitled to ‘Flipkart Assured’ badge. It is accorded by an algorithm that is developed by the Flipkart data scientists that compute the performance of all the factors related to the product and allocates the ‘Flipkart Assured’ badge. A product is eligible for the ‘Flipkart Assured’ badge only if it passes extensive checks on the product quality and the seller’s performance. Below are a few parameters on which the ‘Flipkart Assured’ Badge is allocated.

Six Quality Checks

The products undergo six quality checks to earn the ‘Flipkart Assured’ Badge. The parameters kept into notice involve each stage from storage to packaging. These quality checks make sure that all the customers get only the highest quality of products that has the most speedy and reliable delivery irrespective of the place they are shopping from.

Transit Safe Packing

The products under Flipkart Assured are strictly checked. The packaging of the product shall be according to Flipkart’s stringent packaging guidelines and using the most suitable materials to undergo the hardest transit. Failing to choose the right material for packaging may rupture the product in transit and may reach the customer in a disagreeable format.

Stringent Seller Guidelines

The sellers under Flipkart Assured are required to adhere to the Stringent Seller guidelines who need to maintain the quality standards of the product at all levels of the process.

Fast And Free Shipping

Flipkart Assured also checks the speed and quality of shipping shipped by the seller. The product under Flipkart Assured is to be delivered with 2-4 working days and the product above Rs. 500 would be shipped for free.

Flipkart has been the go-to option for many customers in the e-Commerce world. It has a deep understanding of the Indian customer’s needs and that works like a miracle. The understanding developed is not a work of few years but it is founded on decade research. Flipkart Assured benefits its customers and enables them to enjoy a higher standard of shopping and hassle-free shipping.