How To Sell On Flipkart And Become A Success!

Kick-starting your business through e-commerce road is the way to go today. Setting up physical shops and stores doesn’t only require space and land but also incurs high rent costs for the plot. Moreover, e-commerce helps you reach far and wide, ensuring that your product is available for purchase across cities. One of the giant e-commerce online selling sites that have shaped the concept of online business is Flipkart.

Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal changed the scope of selling online in the year 2007. Today Flipkart is a leading e-commerce brand with the highest online reach with around ten crore customers registered onto the site with shipments across 1000 cities. Partnering with Flipkart will prove to be a strong suit for your business, helping you expand and grow in a short period.

Procedure Of Selling On Flipkart

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Selling on Flipkart is the easiest way to get into the profit-making groove. The seller needs to register themselves at and list the products that are to be sold under the appropriate categories. In order to be a seller on Flipkart, at least one product must be registered. Once the listing is completed, the product is now available for purchase online. As customers place orders, you will be notified via Flipkart, and you can start the packaging process. Soon after the packaging has been completed, you must mark the status as “Ready to Dispatch” so that the logistics partners of Flipkart can pick up the product. The item is then delivered to the customer. Upon successful dispatching to the customer, payments get settled within 7-15 business days.

Flipkart requires documents such as GSTIN, PAN Card, GSTIN/TIN Number and Bank Account as well as KYC documents in order to verify your business and make payments. The listed prices are decided by the seller with a partial commission given to Flipkart. You can start to sell products online as soon as the documents have been verified and the products have been listed.

Advantages Of Selling On Flipkart

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Building your business online can be your next big move. With a reach nationally, it is possible to bring home a lot more profit. The flourishing of your business depends on your customer attraction techniques and selling on a site with an established consumer base proves to be a favorable decision. Here are some reasons why selling on Flipkart can be a game-changing move for your business:

All Over India Reach

The quality and desirability of your product may be at an all-time high; however, you won’t do enough justice to your hard work if your products only reach a particular sector of society. While your store may be quite established in your locality, it is possible that you may lose potential customers because of the lack of your reach. Selling on Flipkart gives you automatic access to a million users who are willing to buy products. Your product has the ability to go national with the switch to e-commerce via Flipkart.

Setting Up Requires Minimum Fund

Spending on the interiors of your store can be a hassling task. From setting up the display window with sample products to investing in racks, trial rooms, cash counters, etc it may be a draining affair for your wallet. Selling on Flipkart requires no such ordeal; it is plain and simple as your product is displayed online with a meager commission paid to Flipkart who does the advertising for you.

An Active Network Of Logistics

The major problem with physical stores is the delivery of products. In most cases, you would require a delivery executive to deliver your product to the customer. The procedure of noting down an address, paying for commute and providing a salary to the delivery labor may prove to be very expensive. Flipkart fixes these issues with a strong logistics network that picks up products from your doorstep and takes care of its on-time delivery to the customer. With over 200 pick-up hubs and 10,000 delivery agents, how and when your product reaches the customer is no longer something you need to worry about.

Marketing With Ease

A common worry in the mind of people who haven’t started the practice of e-commerce is standing out in a crowd of lakhs of sellers. Marketing is now easy and ensures that you don’t need to empty your pockets to gain interested customers, thanks to Flipkart. The website lets you connect with partners to photograph and promote your products at low costs. Additionally, when you sell products on Flipkart, you will get advice on advertising and taking informed decisions for your business.

Keeping Up With Trends In The Market

At times, non-e-commerce businesses suffer because of the lack of knowledge of current market trends. Thus, you may not understand how to shape or change your business to attract more customers quickly. With Flipkart, you will always be informed about the latest trends and likings of the customers. Collecting data about the products in high demand and notifying you Flipkart does the research for you, all you need to do is implement. Knowing what the customers’ value gives you an edge over your competitors and helps you expand your business.


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The online selling business is leading to a high rate of customer satisfaction. More and more people prefer surfing and ordering products online due to the ease of obtaining the item. Businesses are now finding it more comfortable to gain a healthy customer base online rather than spend years trying to build a brand image via physical stores. Flipkart encourages small-scale business owners to sell their products online and provides incentives in the form of free delivery to pick up and advice on business decisions.

With the rise in e-commerce websites, it is evident that the business platform is changing and soon, talented artisans may gain global domination in the form of their products instead of remaining as struggling business owners. Flipkart ensures success and empowers a foundation of a new era seller-customer relationship.

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