eCommerce has brought a huge revolution in the way people do business. It has provided a big platform for businesses to reach their global audience and on a wider scale. While it has provided ease, there’s also a concern surrounding the shipment of products safely and affordably to the customers. 

India is a vast geography with a diverse population. Thus, under some circumstances, it can be difficult to reach specific areas. Choosing from the best logistics companies in India can therefore be a great help to overcome the shopping challenges in India. The best eCommerce shipping companies will handle your order packaging and delivery. The delivery will be done to different parts of India. Make sure to compare the pros and cons of each e-commerce shipping company for a better experience. 

Let’s take a look at what tips to follow to find the best fulfillment companies. 

An Overview of eCommerce Shipping in India

In the past few years, there has been a major rise in the eCommerce companies in India. These companies therefore use eCommerce shipping who take care of shipping the products to the doorstep of the customers. 

eCommerce shipping therefore deals with picking, packaging and shipping the products to the customers while also taking care of returns and refunds. The vast geography of India is one of the major challenges that most of eCommerce companies in India encounter. 

In order to overcome these challenges, the big companies usually partner with the local logistic providers who know the local geography better. These fulfillment companies in India will not only be able to fulfill the delivery within the timeline but also bring about cost-effective solutions for all. 

One of the major benefits of partnering with a reliable logistics company is compliance with the law. All eCommerce companies must stay up-to-date with local regulations. When they follow the guidelines, they can be sure of avoiding any potential legal issues. 

Tips for Choosing the Best eCommerce Shipping Company

As an eCommerce company in India, finding the right shipping company is extremely important. These shipping companies play an important role in streamlining the entire process. As a result, they bring convenience and ease of delivery to the customers. 

Some of the major tips to follow while choosing the best eCommerce shipping company include the following:

  1. Pricing

You may either provide free shipping to your customers or charge for delivery. If you want to stay ahead, you need to do research about the competitor’s prices. Based on that, you can compare the prices offered by the eCommerce company and choose accordingly. However, make sure to set your online prices depending on the shipping rates. Go for the ones who provide the best domestic and international shipping pricing

  1. Speed

Customers need constant updates about their orders. They want the best experience. Most customers wait a slightly longer time for their international order delivery. However, for local or national deliveries, they aren’t likely to wait long. You should consult the shipping company about the delivery timeline you want to set. Check if they want to comply with the timeline. It is always advisable to choose someone who offers fast and reliable delivery. 

  1. Reliability

Every customer wants to know about the status of their order. When you’re not choosing the right partner, you’re losing the trust of your customers. Similarly, your customers also want to receive the product they offer. Choosing a reliable shipping partner brings you the benefit of reliability. Not only will they maintain the quality of products while shipment, but also provide regular updates. A reliable shipping partner will always promise the best irrespective of the infrastructure challenges. 

  1. Payment Cycle

When you’re looking for a long-term partner for your eCommerce business, you need to set a payment cycle. Discuss a payment cycle with the shipping partner. In the initial stages, it is best to set a monthly payment cycle. To confirm your order, you may pay a little ahead of time and prevent the risk of late fees. This can also play an important role in preventing the risk of any unwanted payment charges. 

  1. Value Added Services

How fulfillment companies help to deliver the products has a huge role to play in determining their services. You should check if any particular company has value-added services to offer. These value-added services usually revolve around the safety of your packages. A reliable service provider like QuickShift can offer the convenience of packaging. If you need any additional services, make sure to discuss the same with the partner. Moreover, also discuss the conditions for domestic and international delivery. 

  1. Cash on Delivery Adjustments

A lot of eCommerce companies in India struggle because of the lack of cash for delivery adjustments. The COD charges are often not accounted for if they aren’t transferred to the carrier of the company. Thus, your business may end up paying more. It’s best to discuss how the cash on delivery order payments will be adjusted to avoid any inconvenience. 

  1. Penalties

Discussing penalties is extremely important when choosing a logistics company. If there are any missing deliveries or shipments, make sure to specify what will be the penalty for that. Moreover, if there are fines for any late delivery, discuss the same too. Considering the penalties helps to avoid the risk of fraud. If required, you may also request to purchase insurance from the carrier to protect your shipments. 

Final Words

The best eCommerce shipping partners can play an important role in enhancing the services for you. Make sure to reach out to partners who will streamline the entire process for you. Shipping is an important function of your eCommerce business. So, make sure that you’re being extra careful while choosing a shipping partner. 
At QuickShift, we are bringing in the best solutions for e-commerce shipping your business. Whether it’s same-day delivery or next-day delivery, we will cater to it all. We have fulfillment centers across the country and promise to bring the best solutions for you. Thus, we will help your eCommerce business grow in no time. Partner with us for an excellent experience!