Top 12 Shipping Companies in India for e-commerce businesses in 2024

The eCommerce industry has grown at a fast pace in the past few years. One of the major benefits of the eCommerce sector is that there’s no requirement for a physical store. Even without a brick-and-mortar store, eCommerce businesses have managed to incentivize convenience. 

The convenience that eCommerce businesses offer caters to all. Developing an eCommerce business is not easy, especially when you want to deliver the best products. Shipping companies form the core of eCommerce business in India. 

Choosing the right eCommerce shipping company can help to streamline your entire business. In this blog, you’ll come across some of the best shipping companies in India to partner with. 


Quickshift is simplifying supply chain solutions for businesses all across the world. With its delivery services to 220+ countries, Quickshift offers excellence. Partnering with Quickshift provided the benefit of swift shipping, seamless orders, and real-time inventory tracking. Not only eCommerce businesses, QuickShift provides the benefits of omnichannel brands. Furthermore, they will also customize the business solutions as per your requirements. They also help you with cheap international delivery


Almost every eCommerce company is aware of what Delhivery does. They specialize in offering same-day and next-day deliveries. Delhivery handles the shipping of some of the major eCommerce stores around the country. Furthermore, they offer services with reverse logistics and handle the challenges of COD without glitches. Delhivery has 21,000 active customers and delivers to around 17000+ pincodes. Their functioning with the user software helps with generations of shipping labels, and managing the exceptions for all shipping companies. 


DTDC is one of the biggest players in eCommerce shipping in India. They offer the benefit of the convenience of custom shipping of readily available processes. The DTDC API provides the benefit of a wide range of shipping methods, while tackling tracking notifications for deliveries and all important documents. DTDC can deliver up to 11,400+ pin codes and tends to handle around 12.5 million shipments per month. 


GATI is one of the few eCommerce shipping companies that has managed to reach 735 out of the 739 districts of India. They cover some of the largest number of pincodes delivering to a wide range of locations in India. Their safe express delivery and efficient transport mechanisms have led them to become one of the top choices for the e-commerce businesses in India. Furthermore, they’re extremely popular for customizing the pickups depending on the business demands. GATI takes pride in handling the COD orders as well. 

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If you need an international eCommerce shipping partner for your business, you can never go wrong with DHL. DHL’s exclusive solutions ensure that you can deliver your products to any of the customers around the world. DHL is quite popular among eCommerce businesses for its smooth and efficient delivery systems. As of now, DHL delivers around 26,000 pin codes in the country. The company takes corporate social responsibility seriously as it work on reducing waste and minimizing the carbon footprint. 

eKart Logistics

If you’re looking forward to an exclusive and modernized shipping solution for your business, you can never go wrong with eKart. Based in India, they are quite popular amongst the eCommerce businesses in India for offering first-mile and last-mile delivery services. The eKart logistics API provides various payment methods that can help with processing across customers. Initially, it was established as a part of the leading eCommerce platform, Flipkart. 

Safe Express

In recent times, Safe Express has established itself as one of the leaders in delivering packaging solutions. Having served businesses for over two decades, they provide shipping services to over 28,000 pin codes. They have an RPS enabled intelligent device system that allows the businesses to be delivered safely and efficiently across the state. Furthermore, they also enable proof of delivery for all standard deliveries which acts as a safety net for online eCommerce businesses. 


Established in the UAE, Aramex expanded its operations in India after being acquired by Delhivery. Aramex offers delivery services to 220+ countries easing the pain of eCommerce businesses. Their fast delivery services are quite popular for their domestic and international orders. They are very much known for their value-added services like co-packing, COD handling, and order bundling. 

Blue Dart

Blue Dart is one of the biggest eCommerce shipping companies in India currently. They deliver to over 35,000+ pincodes in India and 150 countries across the globe. Blue Dart also offers a tracking service to the customers to ensure that they’re updated about when the order will be delivered. As of now, Blue Dart offers various distribution channels like supply chain solutions, air express, and freight forwarding. Their warehouses are present in 80+ locations in India. 

eCom Express

Most of the Indian eCopters prefer services by eCom Express considering how convenient they are. Their high industry standards and excellent customer service cater to the demands of the audience. eCom Express assures the arrival of the product within 72 offers because they offer expedited delivery services. They deliver to 27,000+ pincoded in 2650+ towns. eCom Express has launched automated solutions and cutting-edge technology to streamline network optimization, last-mile delivery, first-mile pickup, and processing. 


Xpressbees began their journey in 2015 and has catered to domestic and international deliveries successfully. They offer end-to-end logistics solutions determining the growth. As of now, they’re operating from over 100+ hub and dispatch centers serving 13,000+ pin codes. Their comprehensive delivery solutions not only offer warehouse management but can also manage the reverse logistics appropriately. 


Businesses that need end-to-end logistics solutions can always work with Shadowfax for fast delivery. The e-tailers and retailers can efficiently work with them thereby determining fast delivery of products. Shadowfax offers services to 500+ cities. They went on to become one of the best tech-backed logistics companies and helped businesses to outsource their last-mile activities. 

Final Words

It’s extremely crucial for eCommerce businesses to partner with the leading delivery solutions providers. The right shipping agents like QuickShift, Xpressbees, Blue Dart, and more are professional couriers ensuring smooth operations for businesses. Thus, compare prices for all businesses and make a choice accordingly. t can play an important role in streamlining business activities. Thus, do your research and choose accordingly.

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