Know how Amazon Fulfilment will boost your business

Say you want to start an e-commerce business or launch a new brand. But you might feel that selling products on Amazon is quite overwhelming, so much so that most enthusiasts like you may not even get past the stage of merely Googling ‘How to become a seller on Amazon?’ However, if you pass up an opportunity so promising as being a seller on Amazon, you might regret later. Getting started is pretty easy by just setting up an Amazon seller account; that, plus the awareness about the fees and rules of selling on Amazon. And with Amazon fulfillment services, you won’t even face any major perils while experimenting in this field of an e-commerce business. Before you get to your first sale, let’s plunge into the details.

What is Amazon FBA?

FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon is a service rendered by the e-commerce giant Amazon to facilitate traders with warehousing, packaging, and shipping facilities. It lifts the burden off the sellers’ shoulders and creates room for more flexibility in the selling process.

How does it Work?

The whole process under the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program goes something like this:

What you do:

  •  As a third-party seller, you first have to find a product you want to sell and then list it for sale on Amazon.
  • Prepare and make your merchandise ready for shipment.
  • Ship the boxed-up items to the warehouse location Amazon has allocated for your business during the listing process. You can schedule a pickup as well.

What Amazon does for you next:

  • Amazon first verifies whether you have sent the correct products and whether they are in the right conditions.
  • Post scrutinization, Amazon activates your listings, meaning your seller name now appears on the respective product detail page where the item will be made available to the customers for sale.
  • So, Amazon allows you to store products in their warehouse; you can avail single units to an entire inventory for your business.
  • Once a customer orders the product, Amazon holds the responsibility to pack and ship it to the right address. On successful completion of the delivery process, you will get a confirmation from Amazon via mail for every product.
  • After shipment, Amazon transfers your share of the price in your seller account. And your share? The selling price minus the Amazon fees.
  • Once in a fortnight, you will receive a deposit for the items you have sold.

Benefits of Using Amazon Fulfillment Services

The perks of signing up as a seller on Amazon are many.

  • Association with Amazon itself adds credibility: With Amazon’s name on the product, buyers need not worry about quality and services. The name itself is a guarantee for a great online shopping experience. So, with Amazon’s world-famed packaging, shipping, customer services, and returns, you can easily earn your customers’ trust.
  • Shipping Standardization: From inventory space to manpower for managing and delivering merchandise, you need not worry about the hassled heavy lift work as Amazon processes all FBA orders just like its products. When a customer makes an order, an Amazon worker physically visits the inventory, picks the item, packs it, and ships it to the customer.
  • Availability of Pay on Delivery Option: Buyers throughout India extensively use COD or Cash on Delivery option. And listing your product on Amazon makes this delivery feature of the product available to the customers. Once a customer makes the payment, you will get back the funds in your account.
  • Amazon Prime augments Customer turnover: Perhaps the most prominent benefit is that your merchandise becomes a part of the Amazon Prime program. So, shoppers can take the advantages of free one day, two days, or even two hour delivery for your products. Premium delivery options make your customers confident about buying your items.
  • Helps focus on your Business: With Amazon to take care of product deliveries and customer services, it gives you room to focus on your online selling business, reach goals, and expand it.

How QuickShift Can Help?

QuickShift can help in materializing your dreams of setting up an e-commerce business as it serves as a backend to the fulfillment services of Amazon. Aiming to reduce the sellers’ operational overheads and the ‘Turn Around Time’ (TAT) of the products, Quickshift further simplifies online selling for you by providing technology-driven warehousing and fulfillment solutions. When an order is made via any of your partner channels, it picks up the merchandise with much care, packs it, labels it, and then dispatches it. Now, since QuickShift is well-associated with Amazon, you, as an Amazon FBA seller, can expand the reach of your business with QuickShift’s high-quality service at affordable quotes.

So, tap into this successful e-commerce ecosystem with Amazon FBA and with a little help from QuickShift!

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