QuickShift Has Launched Its In-house Application QS Leap

QS Leap is QuickShift’s in-house app designed to make product delivery hassle-free for brands and all parties involved in the logistics process. 

The app facilitates key aspects including supply chain management, order fulfillment, parcel distribution, order monitoring, and payment settlement, among others. 

QS Leap seeks to improve customer retention by continuous business growth, but it also boasts features allowing brands to optimize the cost of customer acquisition, supply their business KPIs with pertinent data, and project company growth based on the performance of every product category.

QuickShift Features Paired With QS Leap

Online sellers tend to depend on eCommerce logistics companies to reap the benefits of better management, larger scaling potential, and higher convenience. Further, the logistics companies thereby facilitate improved customer satisfaction. 

The QS Leap app allows businesses to easily reap the benefits by providing access to QuickShift’s expansive list of strengths:

  • Inventory Management

QuickShift helps analyze the geological zones that receive the highest volumes of orders, while simultaneously suggesting strategic placement of inventory. 

It further helps keep track of the inventory by alerting when stock replenishment is needed. Management of campaigns also becomes easy as brands can get a live view of the fulfillment centers. 
Offering real-time tracking of orders and stocks across carts and markets, QuickShift makes inventory management a breeze.

  • International Shipping

Business success can be exemplified by expanding the brand’s reach internationally, which boosts sales. When engaging in business internationally, brands need to strategically organize their activities and carefully choose the right eCommerce shipping options.

QuickShift provides hassle-free international shipping services from India by simplifying the communication and transportation between the local and foreign parties. 

  • Quick Shipments and Delivery

One must remain updated with customer trends if one operates an eCommerce firm. Consumers today have grown to demand same-day shipping, and companies that don’t provide this service tend to get overlooked. 

QuickShift’s same-day delivery services help build a loyal consumer base and improve customer lifetime value. It also helps in reducing the return to origin losses that can eat away at a business’s net profit. 

  • Top-Notch Fulfillments

Offering premium goods at attractive prices no longer impresses customers as it did a decade ago. The high competition across industries has made it difficult for businesses to stand out and cut through the noise. 

Even so, by providing unmatched customer satisfaction across the whole fulfillment process, QuickShift helps any company differentiate itself from competitors and establish a much stronger emotional bond with customers.

  • Gigantic Dark Stores

Dark stores are massive fulfillment centers that function like supermarkets. These locations act as distribution centers that can either directly serve clients or do so via a platform for shipments. 

QuickShift thoroughly checks the inventory, precisely labels and packages items with the merchant’s details, and promptly prepares them for same-day shipment and delivery similar to Amazon.

  • Scales Marketplace Business

Due to high customer expectations and cutthroat competition, market expansions have never been as challenging to pull off. 

Developing the available facilities to expand the firm demands meticulous planning in order to establish a reputation. Implementing marketing methods successfully is the key to growing your marketplace. 

QuickShift Logistics persuades prospective merchants to join your marketplace by utilizing cutting-edge marketing and technological tactics.  The operational components are further streamlined by QS Leap’s order management system, improving warehouse networks and delivery management.

  • Easy Online Store Integration

One can link to their online store with the QS Leap application. Through the use of an efficient delivery system, QuickShift offers optimal handling of parcels, regardless of where they are bound for.

Why QS Leap?

The app is a single-point solution that streamlines and simplifies the range of logistic services offered by QuickShift

The application coordinates everything from accepting orders from customers and alerting the facilities to setting up packing and dispatch processes and allocating the closest rider to deliver the products. The app is additionally capable of verifying cash payments and obtaining feedback. 

Innovation and technological advances are the cornerstones of QuickShift’s operations and expansion strategies, ensuring high levels of client contentment. 

QS Leap not only helps facilitate the entire process of online shopping, but also aids in solving important issues like rider empowerment, marketplace disruption preparations, and stakeholder benefits. 


Since customer-centricity is at the core of QuickShift, delivery partners, order processing, packaging, and dispatching is well-managed and always prioritized. 

QS Leap zones in on the smallest details of each process to ensure that your customers are satisfied. As a leading logistics firm, QuickShift has helped hundreds of businesses offer fast deliveries at the right price. 

This is in turn made easy by the introduction of the QS Leap app since it eases inventory management, shipment tracking, and order processing.

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