Get Ready for the Festive Season With QuickShift

The festive season in India is one of the most lucrative times of the year for eCommerce businesses, with people looking for gifts of all kinds for their loved ones. 

The beginning of the Indian festive season is marked by a series of festivals in August, with demand peaking in November during Diwali. The demand for products remains high until the holiday season in December. 

Excess demand brings with it the stresses of keeping the business running at peak efficiency to keep customers happy. 

Being prepared by keeping your inventories stocked and positioning your managers at the right warehouses can make the festive season more manageable. 

However, in-house fulfillment can still be challenging and stressful, and there is no guarantee that the products will reach your customers in time. Handling cancellations, returns, and customer dissatisfaction is an entirely separate ordeal.

The festive season is a time to thrive – not survive. Getting in touch with QuickShift for fulfillment services in India will allow you to delegate one of the most hectic tasks of running an eCommerce business when customer demand is booming. 
In this post, we will discuss a few reasons why you must consider making QuickShift an eCommerce fulfillment partner this festive season.

Get Ready for the Festive Season with QuickShift: 5 Benefits Your Business Cannot Afford to Overlook

With several fulfillment centers in India, QuickShift offers delivery services to over 26,000 pincodes. If you like the sound of that, here are five more benefits QuickShift offers its eCommerce partners: 

  1. Potent Analytics

The QuickShift dashboard makes it easy for businesses to keep track of their inventory, revenue, and order processing stats. More interestingly, the dashboard also tracks purchase trends and forecasts which warehouse will need how much inventory in the future. 

Access to geographical sales data, coupled with the inventory planning and forecasting features ensures that your business does not fall behind when the demand booms in the festive season.

Additionally, the platform also highlights detailed statistics about top-performing SKUs, allowing your business to shift focus on what sells most. High-RTO SKUs are also visible, allowing you to tune into customer complaints and optimize quality and performance.

Making wiser business decisions is only a matter of a few clicks with QuickShift. 

  1. Order Fulfillment Made Simple

As one of the leading warehousing services in India, QuickShift allows eCommerce partners to make full use of our fulfillment network in three steps. 

Connecting your marketplace and its shopping carts with the network takes a few minutes, after which QuickShift is always in sync with your business’s listings and orders. 

Next, you can send your inventory to our warehouses, starting with the high order volume zones to optimize delivery times and customer satisfaction. QuickShift’s Smart Inventory Placement streamlines this process and leaves nothing to chance. 

The third step is similar to putting your business on autopilot – as orders start coming in, QuickShift packs and ships your products in no time. 

  1. Auto NDR for Fewer Returns

Higher demand during the festive season also means higher chances of returns – it’s the nature of the business. QuickShift’s auto NDR feature facilitates automated WhatsApp messages and IVR calls to customers, re-attempting delivery before the shipment is marked as returned.

In this way QuickShift optimizes customer satisfaction, shipment efforts, and your business’s costs all in one go.

  1. Same-day Delivery 

Amazon set the bar high with its widespread fulfillment network – but with QuickShift, you don’t have to give them a cut of the profits. With our same-day delivery service, customers are 25% more likely to place an order with your business.

Having products delivered on the same day counts for a lot during the festive season, and customers place a high trust value on brands that facilitate it. You can be sure that a customer satisfied with your product and delivery time will purchase from you again. 

  1. Access to a Global Market

QuickShift offers international shipping services from India, allowing you to expand your business overseas, boost margins and substantially increase profits. 

Festive season or not – global trade is very beneficial to any eCommerce business. With QuickShift delivering shipments to over 220 countries, you can reach your target customers with little to no hassle. 

The automated shipping workflows optimize delivery times, and you can also optionally insure your shipments and protect your investments. 

The best part? All of this is facilitated by the same reliable QuickShift dashboard that is loaded with features.


In-house shipping is expensive, hectic, and does little to expand your business PAN India. QuickShift is a one stop platform for all your shipping needs. From international to standard to sameday delivery services, we have solutions for all.

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