Get Amazon-like Same Day Delivery for Your eCommerce Brand with QuickShift Rapid

As an eCommerce business owner, one must keep up with the current consumer trends. Modern-day consumers have come to expect same-day delivery options, and businesses that don’t offer it often lose customers to competitors that do. 

You can get your deliveries done in a day by outsourcing your order fulfillment services to an organized third-party logistics provider.  

We detail the several reasons why your business needs same-day delivery and the challenges a business can expect to face when offering same-day delivery in this post.

How Does Same Day Delivery Work?

The process behind the same-day delivery is quite simple. Firstly, the eCommerce brand will require a good backend system that will help them process orders quickly. 

While the customer selects an item on the site for checkout, this backend system checks the company’s inventory to confirm if the product is available in a warehouse located close to the customer’s location. This will ensure that the product can be delivered to the customer on the same day. 

Then the product is given to the designated driver, who picks up the order and delivers it to the right location. 

Why Do You Need Same-Day Delivery for Your eCommerce Brand?

Here are four major reasons why your eCommerce brand should offer same-day delivery:

  • To Keep Up With Customer Expectations

With growing consumerism, customers expect services that cater to their comfort and demand. 

For example, Amazon-like same-day delivery options are growing in popularity, and people now prefer same-day delivery services over visiting the local grocery store. 

Therefore, keeping up with customer expectations is important to expanding your e-commerce business. 

  • Acquiring a Loyal Customer Base

Ensuring that your brands’ fulfillment services are up to par when customers make their first purchase with you will give them the confidence to buy again. 

Further, when customers realize that your business is able to cater to them consistently, you will build loyalty among your customer base.

  • Better Competitive Edge

The customer will definitely choose you over your competitors if you are able to provide options such as same-day delivery options with quality products, especially if your competitor is unable to yet. 

This will give you a better competitive edge, further helping to expand your business. 

  • Helps Reduce RTO Losses

Return To Origin losses is every eCommerce brand’s nightmare. The order not reaching the customer’s end is the reason for RTO losses. 

However, with an option for same-day delivery, the customers are ready to pay a larger amount to receive their products. This can significantly reduce RTO losses that affect your eCommerce brand. 

Challenges In the Way of Offering Same Day Delivery

Offering a same-day delivery service is definitely not easy, and there are several challenges you may encounter while implementing in-house order fulfillment

  • Insufficient Staff 

If you lack the necessary human workforce, like drivers who can deliver items on demand, then providing same-day delivery can prove to be difficult. 

With third-party logistics providers, you will be able to acquire a skilled workforce that can help you achieve your goals. 

  • Lack of Required Transport System

Your brand will require a transport system for an efficient same-day delivery system to help deliver the products. Without a well-organized transport system, it would be impossible to offer same-day delivery services. 

  • Order Fulfillment Processes Are Not Fast Enough

If you lack the necessary infrastructure, technology, and backend systems, your order fulfillment may end up being slower than required. This would result in lagging and delay, which hinders same-day delivery processes. 

  • Lack of Multiple Fulfillment Centers

One of the most important requirements to be able to perform same-day delivery is having multiple fulfillment service centers across India. 

Efficient fulfillment services in India, have warehouses and storage locations all across the country, which can store your products in close proximity to the customers. 

  • Outdated Dispatch Systems

Outdated dispatch systems are another major challenge when it comes to same-day delivery processes. 

For example, services by Amazon fulfillment India, use updated dispatch systems that can help them keep up with the requirements of a same-day delivery system. 

However, an outdated dispatch system will not be capable of handling real-time schedules compared to the new systems that are better with the scheduling process.

Even so, with the services of an expert third-party logistics service provider such as QuickShift, you will be able to face these challenges easily. The service provider will have the necessary facilities, technology, and human workforce to help you cover your goals. 

Hiring the services of such efficient service providers is also much more cost-efficient and organized compared to maintaining in-house fulfillment processes.


Same-day delivery is becoming an increasingly popular choice among customers in this busy world when everything is available with the touch of a button. 

Hiring a 3PL is an effective and economical approach to offering same-day delivery. 

Quickshift has a well-organized infrastructure, structured delivery system, updated dispatch systems, and efficient workforce that can help you reach your goal of offering same-day delivery services to your customers. 

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