Fast Flipkart Fulfillment Secrets You Need To Know

If you are a business owner looking to store your products in Flipkart fulfillment centers, this guide will help you with the secrets you need to know to get the maximum out of your eCommerce order fulfillment with Flipkart.

Starting off as a Flipkart seller can prove difficult because you will have to garner maximum customer satisfaction to be better than your competition. If you are new to the eCommerce business and are thinking of utilizing the Flipkart Smart Fulfillment Program, you could face a number of challenges.

You must familiarize yourself with some secrets of the trade to deal with problems that could arise during your program. With these secrets, you will be able to deal with issues such as unsatisfactory customer count, competition from other sellers and not using the Flipkart Fulfillment program to the fullest. 

What is the Flipkart Fulfillment Program?

The Flipkart fulfillment program, also known as the Smart Fulfillment program is a good option for eCommerce brand owners who are looking for an inventory management system that can store their products in their fulfillment centers. 

Flipkart has multiple fulfillment centers all over the country, making it easier for you to avail their services. The Flipkart fulfillment program offers various services such as a timely delivery system, quality packaging, offering space for your inventory, and frequent quality checks by experts. 

Flipkart also offers their ‘Flipkart Assured’ badge to sellers who sell high-quality products and this badge helps eCommerce brands sell better. 

Tips To Increase Sales if You Are Part of Flipkart Fulfillment Program

If you need to make maximum sales via Flipkart fulfillment, there are a few secrets worth knowing. These secrets will help you take maximum advantage of the Flipkart smart fulfillment services. 

  1. On-time Delivery 

It is necessary that you always meet customer expectations and one of the major factors that attract customers is on-time delivery. Customers expect their goods to be on time and if there is an option for same-day delivery, they expect that too.

Keeping up with this customer expectation gives you a lot of leverage and advantage to help get the maximum out of Flipkart order fulfillment in India, thereby helping you to expand your eCommerce business as well. 

  1. Always Keep Your Inventory Stocked

You should always make sure your inventory is well-stocked so that your customers will always get what they want without having to visit other Flipkart sellers. 

While brick-and-mortar stores get an opportunity to upsell different products when the product the customer demands is not available, online sellers do not get this opportunity. It is vital to make the most of every sales opportunity, especially during festivals.

  1. Packaging Should Be Decent

Well packaged goods not only protect the product inside while they are in transit, it also feels good and looks good to the customer who receives it. 

Naturally, a customer will prefer buying their products from a seller that packages their products with care and this will further increase customer satisfaction. 

  1. Upload High Resolution Images 

Make sure that you upload high-resolution images for your product so that the customer is able to make out the little details and make an informed decision. 

Customers prefer products they are able to have a good look at and get an idea of what they might feel like using before buying them. This is one of the first and crucial steps to selling more as a Smart Flipkart Seller

  1. Customer Satisfaction 

Always make sure you sell genuine products and deliver them on time and in good condition. This makes sure that your customer is satisfied and leaves a good rating, which will improve your chances of making more sales. 

It is also necessary that you make room for improvement according to customer feedback. This helps the customers place their trust in you. 

  1. Ensure Better Cataloging 

Unlike buying goods from a retail store, purchasing products from an online store can be confusing for customers. If you provide a well written catalog along with a detailed description of your product, your customer will have an easier time deciding to purchase the product. 

Giving your customers a good description of their product is as important as them being able to see the product directly. This also increases your customer’s confidence in your products, thus increasing customer satisfaction. 

  1. Flipkart Spike Sales

Make sure you participate in Flipkart’s biggest shopping events, also known as spike sales, that will help you increase sales. 

During these shopping events, there are more customers taking advantage of the low prices and visiting the Flipkart application. This also increases your chances of selling via the Flipkart order management system

  1. Guarantee That You Follow All Rules

One of the main and important rules to follow while you avail the order fulfillment services from Flipkart is to follow all the rules and regulations laid down by Flipkart. This means fair business practices.

This will avoid fraudulent practices like selling fake products or not fulfilling the customer’s order at all. When you make sure you sell the right products on time, the customer will give you better reviews and ratings, increasing your visibility. 


If you are a Flipkart seller, availing the Flipkart fulfillment services will help you make better sales of your products. You will also be able to maintain customer satisfaction, thereby making it easier to sell your products and expand your business. 

However, if you do not sell your products exclusively on Flipkart, it is worth looking into hiring order fulfillment services like QuickShift to reap the benefit of faster deliveries and cheaper storage and shipping compared to in-house fulfillment. 

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