3 Strategies To Decrease Your RTOs With Quickshift

The rise of ecommerce fulfillment services in India has opened many doors for you to scale up your business and bring it to your audience in the best way possible. Yet, there remain some hurdles that can hamper your business’ potential if the order fulfillment services India you choose is not effective. And one of such biggest obstacles is the RTO losses.

“RTO” (return to origin) is a term used when your dispatched and shipped orders are returned to the sender, i.e., you. There can be numerous reasons for this occurrence to take place- maybe the product was damaged during shipment leading to the customer issuing a return, the receiver’s address is incorrect, etc.

While this might not seem like a big deal, the bigger picture shows how badly it can affect your business and revenue. These returns generally cost you double charges for ecommerce delivery in India and elsewhere and the overall logistics, not forgetting that even your inventory gets blocked.

3 Strategies To Decrease Your RTOs With Quickshift Fulfillment

It’s imperative to deduce strategies to reduce RTO losses and combat these situations to prevent misfortunes without losing your customers. With Quikshift, you can not only get your hands on an effective NDR management system but also explore various other solutions that will help you decrease your RTOs and retain your clients.

Below are the top 3 strategies that you can incorporate in your business with the help of Quickshift e-commerce fulfillment services in India and smartly bring your RTOs to zero.

  • Improving Packaging And Product Handling

The first step you need to take to reduce RTO losses is to level up your packaging game. Most of the returns occur due to products delivered in poor condition, especially packaging and unattentive handling.

By opting for Quickshift’s warehouse fulfillment services in India, you can ensure better inventory management along with smarter, faster, stronger, and sustainable product packaging that avoids damages.

Furthermore, Quickshift’s complete logistics eliminate the need for you to rely on ecommerce courier companies separately for deliveries. This, in turn, helps you keep all the things in one place and make safer deliveries since Quickshift is integrated with some of the leading services for ecommerce delivery in India. Hence, no need to battle with RTO losses due to damages during packaging or shipments.

  • Keeping Your Customers Updated Is The Key

Once the products are out for dispatch, the next checkbox you need to tick is exemplary customer service. Not knowing the status of their orders can upset the customers, leading to their cancellations and probably even losing them.

Quickshift’s warehouse fulfillment services in India come with AI-based inventory management software integrated with shipment tracking applications to provide your client with the best shopping experience possible.

The partner e-commerce courier companies of Quickshift work in tandem to update the customers and provide them the facility of tracking orders to be informed even in the case of early arrivals and delays.

Customer service of Quickshift fulfillment is not just limited to the features mentioned above. Instead, your customers can quench their queries 24/7 and get their doubts clarified to stimulate the order placements and even lower your RTO rate.

  • NDR Management

No matter how good your packaging is or even if you’ve been sending out regular shipment updates to the customers, there might be instances when they’re unavailable on the day of delivery. Or let’s say the flooding monsoon season has forcefully extended the decided 2-day delivery into a 4-day one.

In situations like these, when the chances of RTOs are highly likely to occur, having an effective NDR management system becomes inevitable.

NDR stands for “non-delivery report.” Whenever an order is unsuccessful, it is marked as an NDR by the delivery agent, and the notification goes to the courier company and your main logistics partner.

Quickshift’s order fulfillment services in India are supported by such an NDR management system that instantly notifies when a non-delivery occurs. This is followed by a series of events, including identifying the cause of non-delivery, communicating with the customer to get their response, and initiating the re-attempts.

Hence, with three to four re-attempts at deliveries, Quickshift fulfillment service guarantees that your customer receives the product without you facing the RTO losses.


Quickshift has become one of the leading logistics providers in India, especially because of its striking 2-day delivery feature. With the ever-expanding landscape of e-commerce, more and more businesses (including D2C brands) rely on Quickshift as their shipment partner to deliver cost-effectively while retaining your existing clientele.

The strategies mentioned above provide just a glimpse into the intelligent working of Quickshift, for they hold numerous logistic solutions to reduce RTOs and bring your business back on track.

Therefore, if your revenue has been turning into losses because of the same reason, it’s time to hire an all-rounder ecommerce fulfillment service provider like Quickshift.

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