How Quickshift Is Helping D2C Brands To Grow Their Business?

The 21st century has brought innumerable new concepts into existence, and undoubtedly a D2C or direct-to-consumer business remains a revolutionary one. Eliminating the intermediary channels and directly communicating with the customers helps remove layers in business, thereby simplifying the process and giving assurance to the customers.

Whether you’re a D2C brands in India or elsewhere, you’ll realise that although developing your communication channel can be easy, maintaining it once your brand grows can be pretty challenging. This is where Quickshift, the best ecommerce fulfillment service in India, comes.


Quickshift provides “wholistic logistics solutions” encompassing all the services you require- fleet management, order processing, inventory management, last-mile delivery, etc.

Rooted in India, it has helped several brands here to fulfill their orders and reach business goals. If you’re a D2C brands in India, even in the startup phase, then consulting Quickshift for future associations, i.e.,  when your business expands, is your best bet.

How Is Quickshift Helping D2C Brands To Grow Their Business?

Quickshift fulfillment is recognized for its quality and timely services by some of the leading brands in the country. If you’re still wondering what makes this 3PL fulfillment company in India a blockbuster, then given below is its influence in the market:

  • A Warehouse For All Your Needs

Offices and bedrooms flooded with orders and packages are an alarming indication that your business needs a warehouse. Not just any abandoned place, but a smart storage facility that stays connected and integrated with other fulfillment services- a piece of cake for Quickshift.

Besides providing you with the best e-commerce fulfillment center in India, Quickshift also offers to run and manage it for you. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about the cost for these 3PL warehousing services, for you have the flexibility to opt whether you need the entire warehouse or a part of it to cater to your needs.

  • Artificial Intelligence That Does Your Job

You have availed of 3PL warehousing services from Quickshift, but wouldn’t you want to know how it manages your inventory?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the emerging and most prominent technology shaping the present and future of e-commerce fulfillment service India and Quickshift ensures you get the best out of it.

By leveraging it to manage your orders via smarter inventory management software, you don’t need to travel to your warehouse daily and get updates, something which you can receive on your pc within seconds.

This magic is not only limited to inventory management and stocking but also order processing which includes accepting orders, automated packaging and labelling, NDR management, etc.

  • 1 And 2-Day Delivery Services

A customer’s biggest challenge is to wait for their product to arrive, which, if it takes more than the required time, leads to the cancellation of the order. To avoid upsetting your clients, Quickshift brings its same-day and 2-day delivery services to India. With Quickshift’s presence in the metropolitan areas, ideally covering the country as much as possible, you get to choose your e-commerce fulfillment center in India in the top cities and offer faster same-day and last-mile deliveries.

  • Customer Care And Support

Advanced customer care is a must for any brand to excel, especially by retaining its existing clients. Quickshift fulfillment not only does the job of managing your orders, providing storage and shipping logistics for them, but also updating your customers and communicating with them as and when required.

They get constant updates regarding their orders and can even avail the tracking facility. They’ll get notified if there’s a delay in their 2-day delivery or if their parcel is coming early. With Quickshift’s fulfillment logistics, your customers need not be on the edge of their seats but can stay relaxed.

  • Robust Return Management

Reduce RTO losses with Quickshift’s unbelievably effective return management system. With their fulfillment centers all over the country, it is possible to schedule same-day pickups and faster returns to the origin, thereby helping you reduce RTO losses, be it cost or product’s condition wise.

Moreover, no need to maintain non-delivery reports manually when Quickshift provides automated and integrated NDR management. You can easily get solutions regarding further steps to be taken for delivery attempts and battling RTO losses.


E-commerce delivery in India has never been this advanced yet simpler, all thanks to the brains behind Quickshift that have paved the way for D2C brands to grow and flourish extensively.

This 3PL fulfillment company in India is constantly fueling various emerging startups with the logistics essentials and gearing them up for becoming the leading faces in their industries.

With Quickshift’s “wholistic” solutions and same-day e-commerce delivery in India, you can be part of this ever-evolving landscape for D2C brands and scale up your business in the best way possible.

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