International Shipping: Ship Beyond the Borders

Growing your firm globally, increasing sales, making international acquisitions, or extending your e-commerce are all examples of business success. You must carefully plan your operations and go for the best eCommerce shipping solutions when doing business across borders.

Whenever it comes to international delivery service, a few procedures might help make the process go more smoothly. Otherwise, it may result in unneeded and lengthy operations that are quite painful. 

It’s even more crucial to figure out what plan works best for you and your company. Many criteria influence which items can be delivered beyond a national boundary, including receiving deliveries from different countries. 

As you’re getting ready to go global, you need to know all the important measures. Let’s see what actions we have to take to make the overseas shipping procedure go more smoothly.

Collect all the Necessary Information

As this shipment will be international, you need to be sure about your filling-in information. Prepare yourself with a set of questions that you need to fill up. 

The questions may include:

1. Why are you delivering the shipment?

2. What are you shipping? This may include goods, documents, and commodities. 

3. If goods, then what is the manufacturing country?

4. What is the Pincode of the region in the shipping country?

5. You or the customer? Who will pay the fees for transportation?


Without an invoice, a shipment cannot be processed. A customs invoice is the most important document when you are shipping beyond borders. The authority of customs is what handles the shipment between countries, and it is mandatory to get approval from the customs authority of the region. Your parcel will be shipped to a different country only after you get approval.

The custom invoice provides details and all the required information about the shipment. The invoice goes with the shipment. The following details are covered under the customs invoice:

1. Sender’s Address

2. Receiver’s Address

3. Description of the parcel

4. Total value of the shipment

5. Reason for international shipping

6. Sender’s Country 

7. Statement of declaration

8. Value of every item inside the package

Restrictions of Customs

Before you send the parcel, confirm the rules and regulations of the country. Each country has its own set of delivery rules. Visit the official site and look at the goods that are prohibited. 

The rejection, approval, and restrictions for every country are different. International shipping from India charges is different from other countries. Likewise are the rules and regulations.

It would be quite unpleasant if the shipment were ever seized or rejected due to a violation of customs authority guidelines. It is critical to perceive and analyze the destination country’s restrictions before shipping things to uphold the standards and follow the regulations.


It is obvious that if something is going beyond the border, the tax will imply on the product before you ship anything to different countries. You must know the tax policy and import duty, and the tax is levied by the customs authority, not the delivery firm.

Did you know? Shipping rates are different from this tax. Every product gets its unique code, and this code is different for every country. You must know the initial for the same.  


As you know, the product will travel miles away; packaging here plays a crucial role. The shipment will directly depend on the way you pack the parcel, and the packaging material should be foremost. 

This is to ensure the safety of the product inside the shipment. Once the product’s primary packaging is done, the secondary packaging of the corrugated fiber box works well. 

Tracking shipment

Even in the local orders tracking shipment is the most exciting part, and more importantly, it gives you updates about the order. As in international shipping, your shipment crosses various borders, and tracking is an important part.

 It helps you to look at the status of your shipment. You can easily track where your parcel is and how many more days it will take to deliver. 

This also helps to create transparency and build trust with customers. Quickshift provides tracking from the beginning to the end. This helps to decrease the risk of any loss. 


International expansion is an excellent method to develop your business online. Be it DHL international shipping or FedEx. Due to customs restrictions, FedEx international shipping rates, delivery speed, and workforce, transporting overseas goods is the most difficult component of global growth.

By developing a well-thought-out shipment plan, you may successfully integrate the job within your fulfillment operation. Outsourced fulfillment is the ideal approach to dispatch orders overseas for businesses that make significant revenue from clients worldwide.

Quickshift is among the best international shipping companies. You may easily reach localized fulfillment by spreading inventory close to your internal and foreign clients.

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