How To Fulfill Your Amazon Orders More Efficiently With Quickshift

Selling products online on eCommerce platforms like Amazon requires an organized fulfillment structure. With a huge customer base, Amazon is strict about the guidelines and regulations of processing, packing and shipping every product. 
eCommerce inventory management is a huge task that requires both physical and online coordination and attention. You need to keep track of the exact quantity of product you have, how much is sold, what changes have been made to inventory, and more.

To have a successful eCommerce business, you should have effective inventory management software and staff. 

But what are the fulfillment options that Amazon provides? How do the options impact sales? And what is the best way to go about meeting Amazon’s demands?

We discuss all that and more below.

Amazon Fulfillment Options

To ensure quality service to their customer and convenience for sellers, Amazon offers three options for order fulfillment to the vendors:

  1. Fulfillment By Amazon(FBA)

Fulfillment by Amazon, also called FBA, was designed to help sellers succeed in eCommerce. 

It is a storage and shipping service that allows sellers to establish their online store through the Amazon storefront so that they don’t have to pay for inventory up front and storage space or fulfillment centers India has seen a surge in online sellers who are not accustomed to the complete fulfillment process, so they opt for FBA services.

FBA sellers also earn the Amazon Prime badge on their listed products. However, FBA isn’t free: there are fees involved, and if vendors aren’t willing or able to take care of the order fulfillment services themselves, then it’s worth taking a look at what Quickshift offers.

  1. Easy Ship

If a person is going to run their own business and sell products online, then Amazon’s easy ship feature may be a cheaper option than Amazon FBA sellers

This feature is as straightforward as it sounds – sellers make sure to pack up the merchandise in their warehouse, enter the delivery date and time slot needed and can schedule either a pick-up location for same day or next day delivery.

It’s ideal for Amazon sellers who previously sold products out of their garage and want to expand into warehouse space.

  1. Self-Ship

The self-store option is available to eCommerce sellers on Amazon, giving them three options within their seller central dashboard. The first option is that they can manage the order fulfillment services by themselves in-house. 

The second option is they can outsource to a third-party logistics provider (3PL). The third option is that they can store, pick and pack with a 3PL while shipping using their own delivery partners.

How Sales are Directly Impacted by Fulfillment Services

Amazon FBA sellers can conveniently have their orders fulfilled by Amazon itself. But the convenience comes at a fee. Amazon charges the vendors for the FBA, which cuts into the profits significantly. 

Also, the easy shipping option requires the vendor to pack the orders following the guidelines, failing to do which could lead to serious consequences. 

If you choose the self-ship option and opt for managing the order fulfillment instead of using Amazon fulfillment services, managing both the core business and logistics may get hectic.

However, a third-party logistics (3PL) provider can take care of your order fulfillment services from processing to delivery at a minimal cost. Evidently, vendors have witnessed a surge in their sales as well as customer acquisitions and their service quality has also improved.

Why Choose Quickshift Fulfillment Services?

Quickshift is one of the largest eCommerce fulfillment services in India. They provide customizable Amazon fulfillment services all over the world.

  1. No Dedicated FBA inventory

QuickShift Fulfillment allows you to make all your products available on every sales channel in real-time while preserving the same level of inventory and a better yield without having to tie up multiple warehouses and create additional costs in shipping for same day delivery.

No more making exclusive deals with Amazon.

  1. No Long-Term Storage Fees

We understand your products move differently, and we know you do not want to be surprised by any hidden or long-term charges. 

That’s why we promise not to surprise you with additional costs once you’ve trusted us with your product.

  1. Get the Amazon Prime Badge

QuickShift can help boost your product’s discoverability by winning a coveted Amazon Prime badge for your product listing. Products sold by Amazon Prime sellers tend to have more sales than an average listing, so you can directly see how you would benefit from winning this badge on Amazon.


If you’re an Amazon seller, you know that getting orders fulfilled quickly is the key to success. But the Amazon marketplace is crowded, and you can’t afford to take any business away from your competition by being less efficient than they are. 

Fortunately, there’s a solution for this. QuickShift makes the Amazon fulfillment service seamless, which makes it easier for Amazon sellers to focus on the core of the business and deliver quality products. 

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