QuickShift offers 2- day shipping on your Shopify store

Today’s consumers want both the ease of online shopping and the prompt delivery of their products. And it is difficult to fault them. Amazon and Walmart have set the standard for the eCommerce business by offering two-day and even same-day delivery options to clients.

One-third of online buyers will pick one eCommerce firm over another if the delivery alternatives are superior. Regarding online purchasing, 79% of consumers value free shipment within two days.

To achieve D2C (direct-to-consumer) success as a Shopify company owner, it is essential to provide 2-day delivery on your Shopify site. You must match Amazon’s lightning-fast delivery speeds for this. 

This article explains what 2-day shipping is, its advantages, and how Shopify merchants can provide 2-day delivery economically.

What is 2 -Day Delivery?

2-day delivery indicates that buyers get their products within two days after purchase, assuming they placed their orders before a certain cutoff time. That translates to a two-day window between order placement and shipment.

A seller’s internal procedures and the shipping carrier selected may determine how long it takes for a package to arrive, which might be two full days or two business days.

Benefits of Offering 2-Day Delivery

According to a recent survey, there are already 2.1 million online retailers in the United States, and this figure is anticipated to increase over the next few years. 

If anything, this statistic indicates that eCommerce businesses have grown even more competitive than traditional retail. To succeed as a company owner, you must keep on top of your game. Here are a few ways that two-day delivery might enhance your online business:

  1. Keep up with Customers’ Demands

Customers believe three days is an acceptable waiting period for internet orders. If your delivery time exceeds three days, you will undoubtedly lose clients to competitors that provide quick delivery. However, if you provide two-day delivery, you can be your customer’s top priority.

  1. Enhance Conversion Rates and Increase Sales

Getting people’s attention is easier if you guarantee a fast delivery in your marketing. Tags and banners can be added to your ad copy, including emails, paid advertising, and social media posts. If you do this, prepare for a much-increased conversion rate and more sales.

  1. Better Retention Rates

Customers who make their purchases on time are more inclined to shop again. In addition, you may provide 2-day shipping as part of a premium membership program, similar to Amazon Prime, to cover the expenses associated with speedier delivery.

  1. Stop Losing Revenue to Amazon

Expedited delivery is a major selling point for Amazon products. Numerous internet consumers now see Amazon’s free two-day delivery as the norm. If you cannot match their delivery speed, you will likely lose clients to the eCommerce giants, even if you offer a unique product.

How to Keep the Delivery Cost Low?

You can shave off a good amount of the delivery cost by applying some smart strategies:

  1. Set a Minimum Purchase Value

Customers must meet a minimum purchase requirement to qualify for free two-day shipping. To cover the delivery price, you need to increase the size of your baskets. This tactic is not unheard of: to qualify for free two-day delivery on Amazon, non-Prime members must spend a minimum of $25 on the site.

  1. Limit Order Travel Distance

Only delivering to select zip codes near your warehouses limits the distance orders travel, lowering your carrier expenses. It provides you more time to complete orders, depending on how near your customers reside. 

It may enable free next-day delivery when you restrict eligibility for free two-day shipping.

3. Look for Better Order Fulfilment Option

When it comes to Shopify order fulfillment, you have three options: in-house fulfillment, dropshipping, or outsourcing order fulfillment to a 3PL (third-party logistics) provider.

Initially, in-house fulfillment can seem to be the most cost-effective alternative. But it is almost always a terrible choice because of the additional costs of order fulfillment that may dramatically raise your overall operating expenses. 

There are exceptions to this rule, such as if you have low daily order volume, your firm is very specialized, or you get bespoke orders.

Dropshipping is a less hands-on strategy that requires careful consideration of all the benefits and drawbacks. The supply chain, product quality, and shipment speed are all factors over which you have no control.

A 3PL service provider, on the other hand, may assist online retailers in keeping their order fulfillment processes running smoothly. 3PL providers provide the most efficient and cost-effective method of order fulfillment.

4. Make Use of Express Courier Services

A courier service is needed to expedite delivery after speedy order processing. That necessitates partnering with well-established, national airlines. 

Nevertheless, the cost adds up—you’re unlikely to be eligible for reductions or negotiated freight rates for the quickest delivery choices owing to low purchase numbers.

This is where Quickshift comes into the picture. Quickshift offers you 2-day delivery. QuickShift provides configurable eCommerce shipping integration for all your international shipping requirements. 

Several logistical and customs formalities must be completed before eCommerce products may be sent internationally, including international shipping from India costs. Delivery times may be sped up by using express delivery. 

Using QuickShift, you can ship to any location globally with a safe and secure shipping option that matches your needs. With this service, you can rest easy knowing that your products are protected from theft or damage in transportation. 

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