Top 10 Couriers Offering Cheapest International Shipping for eCommerce Stores

With the availability of the internet, Indian eCommerce stores are finding ways to reach global buyers. The Indian e-commerce industry is rated 9th in cross-border growth globally. It is anticipated to expand from 4 percent of the overall food and groceries, fashion, and consumer electronics retail trade in 2020 to 8 percent by 2025.

Catering to international customers may sound exciting, but shipping is challenging. When you intend to ship overseas, you must find the right courier partner. It is difficult to choose India’s greatest international courier service that provides all its advantages, such as cheap costs, global coverage, etc. It is vital for those entering the worldwide eCommerce industry to establish a predetermined shipping budget; otherwise, overhead expenses would increase.

Why Should You Pay Attention to Planning the Budget for International Shipping?

If you do not plan enough, you might incur additional shipping costs, lowering your profit margins. Your business could be forced to close. When you construct a budget for international shipping, be aware of your revenues and metrics. It will establish boundaries, and you will operate to meet anticipated expenses.

In addition to cost, you must consider the following while selecting an international delivery courier:

  • International coverage
  • Transport insurance
  • Order tracking 

Here is a list of top courier companies that offer international shipping from India 

1. QuickShift

QuickShift is becoming synonymous with the cheapest shipping in India. In pan India services, it has made its name with its one-day service and standard service. QuickShifts is helping DTC brands from different industries to stretch their clientele to the last mile globally.

QuickShift has clubbed with some leading carriers, ensuring a fast and smooth delivery process. At the same time, these collaborations positively affect the rates.

Another reason for Quickshift’s fast and cheapest shipping service is applying cutting-edge technology by Increasing Inventory Closer to Customers. The AI-Powered Dashboard assists in Inventory Planning and Forecasting, and they reduce RTO by 15% and real-time tracking ads. All of these reasons have made QuickSHIFt people’s choice.

2. FedEx

FedEx is one of the most well-known and cheapest worldwide shipping brands and has often been compared to USPS and UPS international shipping. FedEx International First, FedEx International Priority, and FedEx International Economy are the different options available for your international orders. 
You can send to over 220 countries using these services, including the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, and more than 200 more. The delivery period for their services ranges from three to five days, depending on the kind of shipment. FedEx international rates are comparatively cheaper than USPS international rates as well.

3. Indian Post

India Post is the most dependable network for delivering online orders made in India. They ship to over 213 countries worldwide, their international shipping rates are extremely reasonable pricing, and they provide international delivery. In addition, you can ship the goods through EMS or air parcel service, depending on your preference.


DTDC has developed into a major player among international courier services. It is reputed to have the greatest service and the most affordable prices. They have a worldwide network of more than 240 countries and have worked with many global logistics partners to guarantee prompt delivery to their consumers. Currently, they provide worldwide express and cargo shipping services. Additionally, you have the option to collect COD on foreign purchases.

5. Aramex

Aramex, one of the most famous international couriers, provides specialized international logistics services to start-up and established eCommerce businesses. While doing international shipping from India to the USA and other 240 countries, you have to pay minimum charges. 

Their international expedited shipping is a great option for retailers that need items delivered promptly. In addition, they provide two more options known as priority and value express under the export express service category. Value Express is a cost-effective and promptly dependable global delivery service.

6. DHL

DHL is the industry leader in terms of international order fulfillment. They have over fifty-three years of expertise in worldwide logistics and cutting-edge shipping tools, tracking systems, and a weekly billing system. These functionalities accommodate all your shipping requirements. DHL is your best option for seeking a dependable and affordable courier service.

7. Ecom Express 

They provide customers with an end-to-end cross-border trading solution. Their delivery services include a large network, customs processing, and door-to-door delivery for overseas customers. Additionally, Ecom express offers to track all foreign items they dispatch.

8. Delhivery

Delhivery, a familiar brand in India, now provides overseas customers with eCommerce shipping options. In addition, they provide rapid shipping, consolidation centers, and several transit options for order fulfillment, including sea and air transport.

9. Bombino Express

Bombino, one of the oldest logistics services in India, provides doorstep express delivery services to merchants shipping from India. Their services are offered in India, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, and several other nations. They also provide quick shipping, door-to-door delivery, and logistical services for eCommerce retailers.

10. TNT India

TNT India is internationally recognized for its quick shipping services. Among the services they provide in India are quick shipping, customs clearance, and door-to-door pickup. In addition, the best thing is that they provide customized prices to regular shippers. Among the countries they distribute are the United States, Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Singapore, and more.


International shipping wouldn’t be a barrier to skyrocketing your growth. But when your business starts to grow, you need some reliable shoulders to rely on, and an e-commerce fulfillment service is an answer. When the topic is about ecommerce fulfillment services, India has many options. 
But do you know that 38% of online buyers will cancel if delivery takes more than a week? So choose a service like QuickSHift, that ensures you the fastest and cheapest delivery. A win-win situation for both the customers and you!

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