Businesses planning to get into eCommerce often struggle with one major thing- shipping and order fulfillment. While it is important to attract the customers, it is also necessary to influence their purchase decisions and fulfill the orders on time. 

eCommerce businesses that want to keep attracting the attention of businesses need to be excellent with their order fulfillment strategy. After a certain point when your business starts growing, you’d also need to handle bulk orders. 

Handling bulk orders isn’t easy unless you’ve partnered with one of the reliable eCommerce fulfillment companies. Before hiring any of the companies with order fulfillment, it is advisable to check their bandwidth, their reputation in the market and so on. 

This blog would guide you about some of the best companies to ship bulk orders for your eCommerce business.

Leading Companies to Fulfill Your Bulk Orders

Here’s a look into some of the big e-Commerce fulfillment companies who can help in the establishment of your business in no time:


Since its inception, Quickshift became a household name for big brands as partners for their delivery. Established in the year 2018, Quickshift aims at revolutionizing delivery for businesses. Whether its domestic shipping or international shipping, Quickshift streamlines it all for growing as well as established eCommerce businesses. 

With their extensive supply chain solutions, they aim to cater to omnichannel brands. QuickShift aims at bringing about scalable and profitable business throughout the pipeline efficiencies. Irrespective of the size of your business, if you have bulk orders, Quickshift can get it delivered in no time. If your bulk orders are to be delivered internationally, QuickShift Axis can be the best choice to make. Moreover, they also offer a demo session, so try it out to know how it works. 


Delhivery is a pan-India courier company. It started its operations in 2011 and have grown since then as one of the most reputed companies for handling bulk orders. Delhivery is known for providing affordable solutions. As an effective shipping partner, Delhivery can help with all your business orders. 

The company is popular for its wide range of exclusive services. It includes same-day delivery, Express delivery, and next-day delivery. Delhivery provided delivery in 17,000+ pin codes. They can help in the handling and delivery of fragile as well as dangerous items. Furthermore, Delhivery is also very popular for its international shipping. Their multi-channel supply chain management and inventory optimization are worth looking at. 

India Post

The Ministry of Communication is responsible for overseeing India Post. This national postal service has been active since 1854. They are one of the most popular logistics providers in the country. They can deliver your bulk orders even to the most remote locations. India Post offers two major services- Logistics Post and Business Post. 

India Post’s Business Post is the most suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. They offer affordable shipping solutions across the country in the Business Post center. The Logistics Post service offers distribution, fulfillment and storage solutions. Businesses can choose India Post for bulk order delivery on time. Moreover, they will also help you with handling the returns. 


Gati started being functional in India in 1989. It is quite popular among businesses for its strict same-day delivery policy. eCommerce businesses of all sizes use Gati to offer bulk orders to customers. Their same-day delivery policy also keeps customers satisfied. 

They promise that if the order is placed in the morning, the customers will receive it by 9 pm. Apart from such fast delivery, GATI is also known for offering exclusive warehousing and storage solutions. The company also provides the service of pickup from the vendor warehouse. The convenience of COD is a major reason why eCommerce businesses partner with them. They promise the remittance of COD (cash on delivery) orders within two days. 


Shiprocket Fulfillment is one of the leading shipping companies. They are a Delhi-based 3PL company offering services to 45+ locations. Shiprocket offers to ship to areas like Pune, Lucknow, Hyderabad, and more. 

The technology and eCommerce blend allows fast and smooth service. Shiprocket takes pride in offering 99.99%+ operational accuracy. As a leading eCommerce shipping company, they also offer quick order processing. Shiprocket ships orders of 24,000+ pin codes in India. They have 25+ courier partners to make things easy for businesses. Partnering with Shiprocket always brings affordable solutions. 

Factors to Consider While Choosing Company for Bulk Orders

You need to choose the right company for the delivery of bulk orders. The right company can play an important role in establishing business success. Some of the major factors to consider while choosing companies for bulk orders include the following:

  • Always discuss the pricing with the company. Since there are bulk orders, ask if there is any discount for it. 
  • It is important to reach a service-level agreement to do the business. If they don’t guarantee that, you must not work with them. 
  • In bulk orders, delivery exceptions can occur. Therefore, ask the company how many reattempts of delivery they will offer. 
  • Discuss what is the service availability that they can handle. 
  • It is advisable to check the payment cycle that the company follows. 
  • Check how many locations and pin codes the company services. This can give you a clear idea of the scalability of business, especially in the long run. 

Final Thoughts

If shipping and order fulfillment is your concern, be wise to choose a shipping partner. Since you will be dealing with bulk orders, your shipping partner can bring a huge change in your business. It is advisable to choose professionals like QuickShift, India Post, and more. These are the experts who have been in business for ages and have cracked the delivery secrets. 
Experts like Quickshift Axis use the latest modern technology to help businesses. Such extensive solutions can only bring longtime growth. Schedule a demo today to understand how they can help your business!