The Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing eCommerce Fulfillment

Outsourcing can be a scary step to take in an eCommerce business’s journey. However, when the need arises, it is necessary to be fully aware of what goes into outsourcing eCommerce fulfillment and to transfer from in-house processing to outsourcing, or setting up a hybrid model according to the lapses in your business. 

This guide will help you prepare for this shift in your business.

What is Outsourcing eCommerce Fulfillment?

When outsourcing fulfillment services, eCommerce businesses hire a third-party logistics (3PLs) service provider to handle their order fulfillment services, including warehouse management, packing and shipping orders, processing the orders, managing the inventory, and handling returns.

In addition, with 3PL fulfillment services, companies can move on from in-house eCommerce fulfillment, which can be expensive and hinder growth. 

What Are the Benefits of Outsourcing eCommerce Fulfillment?

There are multiple benefits of taking up the service of a third-party logistics service provider for outsourcing your fulfillment services. 

  1. Timely Shipments

Once your business expands, reaching customers with their products on time can be difficult. Providing timely and fast services like Shopify order fulfillment is now considered the norm and is a must for a successful expansion of your eCommerce business. 

Delivering shipments within the promised time window would be challenging if you fully rely on an in-house arrangement. 

The third-party logistics service provider can process and deliver your order on time by handling order fulfillment for you with their infrastructure and expertise in exchange for a fee. 

  1. Improves Performance

Outsourcing your order fulfillment services can help reduce the burden on your warehouse and available channels, making it possible to better cater to demand.

Also, with expert third-party logistics service providers such as Quickshift, you get access to several services such as international delivery and same-day delivery, which can help improve the status of your business a great deal. This translates into happy customers and better reach down the road.

  1. Organizes Internal Processes

Seasoned 3PL service providers offer an organized and quick fulfillment service, uncomplicating internal processes and helping the business run smoothly. 

They help businesses stay on top of order management. They also provide better infrastructure and inventory management, making your order processing less messy. These benefits can help increase the company’s performance. 

  1. Lowers Cost 

Since you are using a third-party service, you would save a lot of money on operating costs, warehouse management, and the other costs that entail in-house fulfillment.

  1. Easy Returns

Since your logistics partner has expertise in order processing and reverses logistics, they will also be able to provide better-returning services to the customer while maintaining customer satisfaction.

When is the Right Time to Start Outsourcing eCommerce Fulfillment?

Outsourcing eCommerce fulfillment is an important part of any expanding business. So, how does one decide if it is really the right time to start partnering with a third-party logistics provider?

If you’re facing the following circumstances, outsourcing your order fulfillment is the right way to go:

  • When your orders are not making it to the designated customers within the promised time window.
  • When infrastructural and current warehouse capabilities are not enough to process the growing number of orders.

When you plan on expanding your services and require specialized services such as same-day delivery options and international shipping options.

How to Find the Perfect Partner for Outsourcing eCommerce Fulfillment

The first and the most important step toward outsourcing eCommerce fulfillment processes is to select the right third-party logistics service provider. 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while searching for the right logistics partner:

  • If you require International shipping from India, it is necessary to check if they have the needed infrastructure, sources, and experience to fulfill the international shipping process. 
  • It is essential that you check if the service provider possesses multiple facilities across the country. This is to ensure hassle-free delivery to all areas of the nation.
  • Ensure proper warehouse management systems are in place for the warehousing services in India, since appropriate storage and order processing are fundamental to quality order fulfillment. 
  • Customer satisfaction is important, and it is necessary to check if the logistics service provider offers a top-notch customer experience. 
  • It is also a crucial step to study their available services if you require services like same-day shipping and international service besides standard delivery.
  • Always ask questions to the logistics provider based on your needs and services you can afford to avail. Also, make sure your service provider is up to date on technology and infrastructure to ensure smooth order fulfillment processes. 
  • After collecting data on all the service providers you may need, choose the one that best aligns with your goals and interests. 


While researching the best eCommerce fulfillment services in India, it is advised to keep your eyes open to the services they provide and their expertise. 

It is also necessary to make sure they make reliable and quality partners to your business. 
With third-party logistics service providers such as Quickshift, you can worry less about handling order fulfillment processes and focus on expanding the business reach and boosting sales.

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