Top 10 Categories to Sell Your Products Internationally from India

With the growth of eCommerce, businesses are on a boom. Most businesses are getting the opportunity to explore the online market. As a result, many of them have been able to expand their geographical boundaries. Now, businesses are able to sell internationally from India. 

If you are selling in the international market, you must know what products are in demand. This will eventually play an important role in helping you generate a higher return on investment. Well, here’s all that you need to know about selling internationally and shipping from India to USA.

Best Categories to Sell Your Products

When you are selling internationally from India, you must check what products are in most demand. This will play an important role in helping you generate a higher profit. Moreover, since the USA is a prominent market for India, making a choice is easier. Some of these top selling products include:


Apparel or dresses are one of the most demanded products in the USA market. Your business will be able to generate a significant profit. When you sell these products internationally, the price will eventually increase. The apparel will include clothes for men, women and kids. There are several fashion houses in India catering to the demand of the audience. As a result, international shipping from India will not be a problem. 


The cost of manufacturing toys in India is cheaper than that of the USA. Therefore, shipping toys from India to your international customers will help you become relevant in the market. This will be extremely helpful in generating profit. 


Indian jewellery has always been in demand in the USA. From handmade to meenakari, all types of jewellery are available in India at an affordable rate. This will further play an important role in catering to the taste of the USA audience. Moreover, you’d always be able to earn more considering how effectively the business is running. 

Home Decor

Home decor items have always been in high demand. Being one of the fastest growing segments, there is a wide range of products available in this field. People in the US love home decor items. Therefore, selling internationally from India can help you get the most out of decorating your house.


Books just transfer you into another world. However, they’re pretty expensive as well. Most people prefer buying books online. Well, you can sell books online and ship them to the USA. If you do so, you’re going to make a huge profit. 

Leather Goods

Leather goods are cheaper in India than the USA, which is why most people prefer it. Well, the good thing is that you can always opt for selling leather goods. As an eCommerce seller, you can sell a wide range of leather goods and ship them to the USA for affordable rates. However, it is advisable to choose the right courier service. 


Watches are often seen as premium and luxurious items. So, why not provide the benefit of the same to your audience? Selling watches in India is definitely one of the most premium and luxurious businesses. You are likely to make a lot of profit by selling watches to customers in the US. However, it is advisable to consider the quality.

Health and Personal Care

The demand for hygiene and personal care products has significantly gone up since the hygiene. People from all around the world are seeking the goodness of Indian personal care. Selling health and personal care products like disinfectants, surface cleaners and hand washes is on the rise. So, if you want to grow your e-Commerce business on a larger scale, you must consider selling health and personal care products. 


Most people prefer buying kitchenware because of the convenience. Well, selling kitchenware online from India can be extremely beneficial. Not only will you be able to expand your business but also generate a higher profit. Kitchenware is an exceptional category for selling kettles, induction plates and more. You can also provide discounts on kitchenware which can help you attract a bigger audience. 

Pet Products

The demand for pet products in the USA is pretty high. This will play an important role in helping you get products when you source the products from here. If you’re providing high-quality pet products to the customers, you will get repeat customers. This can have a positive impact on your business.


Starting your eCommerce business can be extra beneficial. This is more helpful when you are selling internationally from India. Targeting an online customer base will help you generate a higher profit. It is important to however reach out to a big courier service who can help in earning more. With the help of professional courier services like Quickshift Axis, things will become extremely smooth for your business. As a result, you can grow on a larger scale.