Top 10 Products Category to sell your products on Amazon

In today’s time, becoming an online seller on Amazon is a great business idea. Considering the fact that Amazon is growing at such a fast pace, this marketplace is bringing a lot of lucrative business opportunities for the sellers. Becoming a seller on Amazon would bring a lot of opportunities for selling from handicraft products to even tech. If you want to expand your business and enhance the global reach, Amazon can be one of the best places to get started. 

Becoming an online seller on Amazon is one of the most thriving business ideas in 2023 and the decade to come. The Amazon marketplace is growing every day, with hundreds of sellers joining the bandwagon every day.Even though selling goods on Amazon through a particular category is a profitable idea, mastering your product category can be a tedious task given the amount of competition in the arena. To establish a successful business in Amazon, you need to partner with ecommerce fulfillment services in India for efficient handling of your orders.

Top Ten Best-Selling Categories on Amazon Marketplace

Amazon products are targeted towards a mass market rather than a niche one. Let us now look at the most profitable categories on the Amazon marketplace:

Home and Kitchen

The home and kitchen category saw a major upsurge during the COVID period, but even though now COVID is gone for good, the category continues to perform. Amazon marketplace is a major arena for home and kitchen products as it provides buyers with a plethora of options to choose from at attractive competitive pricing.

Beauty and Personal Care Products

Amazon is a huge marketplace for beauty and personal care products. It is generally targeted towards women as the customer segment leads the buying graph by a huge lead. Due to the variety of brands and diversified product portfolio, Amazon is the perfect place for sellers to earn more profit which they can do by recognizing their segment and implementing the right selling strategies.


The apparel category on Amazon has the most-fierce competition with new players entering the arena every day. However, changing fashion trends allows room for everyone as the category is not polarized and all designs have a buyer. However, a major downside of this category is the number of returns due to the wrong size and customer dissatisfaction with the product.

Another addition to this category is footwear, which also attracts a huge chunk of customers, but the returns remain to be a consistent pain point.


This might rather sound surprising to a few, as jewelry is something that people prefer to buy through authentic stores. However, with the dynamic changes in jewelry fashion, buyers are preferring more trendy jewelry over popular sub-categories such as bracelets, anklets, necklaces, and earrings. Multiple leading brands have also started selling on Amazon due to the high customer turnout in the category.

Toys & Games

All age groups have a prime category so kids can simply not lag back. Due to the availability of diverse toys and games for kids of all ages, Amazon has now become a hot market for kids’ toys and games. There are multiple subcategories such as themes, educational, creative, and plush toys made of different materials.


Post-COVID, more people have started becoming health conscious which has given a major boost to the health segment on the Amazon marketplace. The general increase in the motivation to look good and feel good also adds to the popularity of the category. Major brands like Healthkart, BigMuscles, and Muscleblaze actively use Amazon to sell their products.

Household and Baby Care

People are very particular about brands and types of products that they want to choose for their households and baby care. Due to the vast market, it becomes easier for sellers to find the segment and enjoy the benefit of mass selling. However, sellers are required to acquire licenses to sell products in this category.

Electronic Products

It might sound surprising that the majority of electronic products sold worldwide are now through online channels. Due to the attractive pricing and the availability of a diversified product portfolio a majority of buyers are inclined toward the Amazon marketplace for buying electronic gadgets. It has multiple product subcategories like mobile phones, laptops, and other peripherals which attract a large number of buyers with diversified needs. The product category also offers a good margin to the sellers, the sellers are only required to master the art of product sourcing and selling.

Sports and Outdoors

The lack of proper sports stores and unlimited products in the offline stores gives rise to the popularity of the sports and outdoor segment. A number of sports enthusiasts and fitness freaks daily turn up on Amazon marketplace to look for products of their choice. It’s a well-known truth that a majority of sales done in the sports category are through online channels like Amazon marketplace. The availability of a good number of fulfillment centers in India for supplying and warehousing sports goods also gives thrust to this product category.

Pet Supplies

After all the categories mentioned in this article, how can our animal friends stay behind? It is no hidden truth that pet owners love their pets and keep finding ways to pamper them. Whether it be cat food and dog food, pet clothing, toys, are any other products related to pets, pet supply is a booming category and invites a majority of buyers every day which opens doors for a number of sellers on the Amazon marketplace.


So far, we have talked about the 10 most profitable categories on Amazon, and what leads to those categories being on the list. There are multiple factors that come into play when it comes to becoming a successful seller on Amazon. Some of those factors are the quality of products, pricing, policies, customer service, and end-to-end delivery through a dependable third-party logistics solution provider. Some of the most successful third-party logistics solution providers are FBA, Quickshift, and Shiprocket.

If you also have an online business idea, then now is the time to begin your research and get going, the marketplace is yours.