Top 10 eCommerce Fulfillment Service Providers in India

All online business entities do have one common area of concern, and that is end-to-end order fulfillment. For a foolproof order fulfillment process, it is important to take care of challenging areas such as stock management, delivery, tracking, and billing.

Therefore, online businesses need to focus more on their competency and find a third-party delivery solution provider to do the order fulfillment part. Apart from just delivering the order, the customer experience must remain intact.

What do order fulfillment companies do?

The Third-party order fulfillment companies help your business with the storage, picking, packing, and cost-effectively delivering your order. The order fulfillment process begins with the warehouse staff labeling and sorting the orders into categories and handing them over to the delivery partners, who then set out to distribute them to the respective customers.
In the following article, we will talk about the top ten ecommerce fulfillment companies in India

What are the top e-commerce fulfillment companies in India?

The following are the major names when it comes to 3PL fulfillment companies in India:

Quickshift Fulfillment

The Maharashtra-based company offers holistic 3PL order fulfillment and is a major name among the famous Ecommerce fulfillment services in India. With Quickdshift order fulfillment, you can even offer your customers quick delivery solutions like same-day delivery and two-day delivery options. They use an advanced algorithm that allows the customers seamless order tracking and enables order management for the businesses. With in-house order processing software, Quickshift’s reach is more than 29,000 pin codes in India alone, with key order fulfillment centres in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune and  Chandigarh. However, added to this, Quickshift also offers quick, easy and cost-effective international shipping services to 20+ countries across the globe. Some of the major businesses that have opted for Quickshift order fulfillment are Arvind, Belora Paris, Society Tea, and The Whole Truth.

Shiprocket Fulfillment

Shiprocket is a Delhi-based third-party logistics company. Some major cities where Shiprocket has a wide presence are Delhi, Chandigarh, Bangalore, etc. The company has fairly good operational accuracy and a precise order-processing algorithm. Shiprocket allows you to ship your orders to over 24000 pin-codes in India and has around 25+ courier partners onboard.


Experience the innovative prowess in logistics through WareIQ, a pioneering SaaS-based B2B entity that is reshaping logistics solutions in India. Through a decentralized pan-India fulfillment network their horizontal fulfillment platform, are on a mission to bestow Amazon Prime-like same/next-day delivery to Indian eCommerce. By leveraging cutting-edge fulfillment centers, they have streamlined their delivery success in India. 


Prozo, an integrated supply chain powerhouse, has revolutionized fulfillment with its tech-infused warehousing and freight network. Comparable to the “AWS of supply chain,” Prozo is here to offer enterprise-grade capabilities on a pay-as-you-go basis. From D2C brands to SMEs and enterprises, Prozo’s versatile supply chain stack expedites B2B, B2C, and D2C deliveries efficiently and economically. 

Amazon Fulfillment

Fulfillment by Amazon is Amazon’s fulfillment network. If you opt for the FBA, all the customers who are existing Amazon Prime members get access to the same-day or next-day delivery options. Amazon charges its FBA customers a fee for storing their business inventory and shipping their orders. Due to Amazon’s vast presence, you can ship your order to most Indian cities.

Driver Logistics

The Kerala-based driver logistics company offers an optimal and simplified logistics fulfillment service. It has a Pan India presence and warehouses at over 50 locations. Driver logistics allows your business to reach customers located in over 8000 Indian pin codes. They offer 3PL services, digitization, and business intelligence.


A renowned name in the delivery service domain since 1969, DHL is known to most businesses for its dependable and robust e-commerce fulfillment infrastructure. They offer global 3PL services for both B2C and B2B business transactions. DHL also provides its customers with real-time inventory updates which leads to a better customer experience.


Delhivery broke ground for 3PL fulfillment in India in 2011 and currently has over 71 fulfillment centers in India. It has over 6 million sqft of processing and storage space and has to date served 28000 happy customers in multiple industries like FMCG, automotive, electronics, and D2C. It is also known for providing high-end supply chain services and comparatively lower costs.

Flipkart Fulfillment

While Flipkart is mainly known as an online marketplace, what sets it apart from other online businesses is its in-house 3PL e-commerce fulfillment service. The Flipkart fulfillment was established in 2017 and it competes head-on with fulfillment by Amazon. It offers seamless order processing, multiple quality checks, high-quality packaging, and fast delivery at lower shipping rates.


Eshopbox provides futuristic fulfillment services to online businesses and serves a majority of Indian cities. They ensure consistent user experience and have started to gain trust among the new businesses who don’t want to go with comparatively expensive service providers like Shiprocket and FBA.


In conclusion, the complexity of end-to-end order fulfillment is a shared challenge for online businesses. Tackling stock management, delivery, tracking, and billing is crucial. Entrusting a dedicated third party like Quickshift Fulfillment allows businesses to concentrate on their core competence while ensuring a seamless customer experience. Quickshift’s holistic approach to 3PL order fulfillment and its advanced tracking system and international reach exemplify its effectiveness. For brands seeking excellence, Quickshift is the answer. Happy Shipping!