Sell On Myntra: Step-by-step Guide for online seller registration

Myntra is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms in India. With their headquarters in Bangalore, India, the eCommerce space provided an opportunity for all lifestyle and fashion brands to sell with them. Myntra was established in 2007 with the aim to personalize gift items.

As time passed by, Myntra shifted its focus to the online marketplace for fashion and apparel. One of the best parts about becoming a seller with Myntra is that your brand reputation is likely to increase. As one of the leading eCommerce platforms in India, you are likely to get a wide range of opportunities with Myntra.

Eligibility for Becoming a Seller on Myntra

If you want to become a seller on Myntra, you need to check the eligibility criteria. You need to be a registered business so that you can sell on Myntra with complete ease. Some of the prominent business types who can sell on Myntra include:

  • Private limited company
  • Partnership firms
  • Sole proprietorship firm
  • Limited liability company

It is advisable that you keep all the necessary documents of your business scanned. In some cases, Myntra may ask for proof. 

What Documents To Submit For Becoming A Seller On Myntra? 

If your business is any of the above legally registered businesses, you will need to submit the documents. Some of the documents that you will need to submit for becoming a registered seller on Myntra include the following:

  • Registration copy of the business.
  • GST registration certificate. 
  • PAN card of business
  • TAN or TIN of the legally registered business. 
  • Active current bank account. 

Benefits of Selling on Myntra

As one of the largest online marketplaces in India, Myntra can bring a lot of opportunities for budding businesses. Some of the benefits of selling on Myntra include:

  • The customer base of Myntra is over 40 million users and they deliver more than 17000 pin codes. As a result, your business is likely to get a lot of exposure. 
  • As a registered seller, you get complete control of your merchandise. 
  • Myntra helps sellers with cataloging, supply chain management, and fulfillment models. 
  • Myntra is an already established eCommerce platform. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about setting up an online marketplace to sell your products. 

How to Become an Online Seller on Myntra?

If you want to become an online seller on Myntra, you will first have to take care of marketplace integration

  • Step 1: On the Partners Page of Myntra, fill in the information on the form. The form must cover all the information about your company. 
  • Step 2: You need to enter all crucial business information. Therefore, enter information such as PAN number, GST number, business address, business email address, and more. Myntra needs this information for generating tax invoices. 
  • Step 3: Once you have registered, you must set up the store online. This, you will need to select a theme and location. 
  • Step 4: Select the category of products that you want to sell all Myntra. If you are confused, you can also research the products that you can sell. 
  • Step 5: Enter the product information and start the listing procedure. For a listing, you must set up eye-catching information. You must include the selling price. In the final stage, you will need to enter all information about the product. 
  • Step 6: Choose the process through which you want to ship the product. You can opt for a third-party logistics partner for delivering your products to clients. As the brand owner, you have the flexibility to set the shipping rates. It is advisable to set the date based on the weight and size of the product. 
  • Step 7: Run campaigns and promote your products across the platforms so that you receive orders. Social media can be a great place to start promoting your products. In the initial stages, to acquire customers, you can also provide free delivery and easy return. 

If you’re selling on Myntra, the competition is going to be pretty high. Therefore, it is advisable that you work on increasing your visibility across the eCommerce platform. It is advisable to provide as much information as possible during the listing process. It catches the attention of the user. Before you start selling your products on Myntra, you must do thorough research about it. You can check your competitors and then proceed with the selling procedure. 

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