If you have a great product that meets Flipkart quality standards, then the only thing you need to focus on is the speed of delivery. With the help of Quickshift fulfillment services, you can become eligible for a Flipkart Assured badge

Whether you are a seasoned seller or a novice, it makes no difference. With Quickshift’s zero breach fulfillment, you could increase your exposure on Flipkart.

The sellers whose products get approved by Flipkart display a “Flipkart Assured” badge on every product. The badge makes it easy for customers to differentiate between Flipkart-assured products and Flipkart non-assured products. 

The importance of the Flipkart Assured Badge

The chosen products get the “Flipkart Assured” badge which signifies quality and speed. It has established a new standard for online shopping by making it easier for customers to purchase goods that bear the “Flipkart Assured” badge. The “Quality and Speed Assurance” program offered by Flipkart assures customers of receiving high-quality goods in the shortest amount of time. Deliveries of items bearing the “Flipkart Assured” badge typically take 2-4 days. 

The “Flipkart Assured” badge, which denotes high-quality products that have passed six quality checks, will aid in attracting customers’ attention to the products. The items bearing the “Flipkart Assured” badge are among Flipkart’s top sellers and are packaged and sent out to ensure consistent delivery. Additionally, items with prices above Rs. 500 will receive free shipping.

Can everyone get the Flipkart Assured Badge?

The “Flipkart Assured” badge is more than just a sticker and comes with a full range of services. Deep technological expertise and effective supply chains support the badge-assigning process cannot be determined solely by buyers or sellers. The team of data scientists has created a special algorithm that computes various data inputs, including customer ratings, returns, seller cancellations, and other activities that may indicate performance and customer experience. The developed algorithm awards the product with the “Flipkart Assured” badge based on its performance.

Is there a fee to obtain a Flipkart Assured Badge?

Flipkart Assured Services is free to use. The inclusive and consumer-friendly program Flipkart Assured doesn’t charge any fees to its users. Customers can take advantage of the benefits without signing up for subscription plans.

Benefits of being a Flipkart seller

  • Flipkart provides Flipkart fulfillment centers for Flipkart sellers. With rigorous processes and quality checks that ensure that customers get the best products.
  • You can use Flipkart’s inventory management system rather than committing inventory to one of their fulfillment centers in India. When you select QuickShift fulfillment, we establish a shared inventory pool. The inventory pool gets immediately published on several sales channels, including Flipkart. It enables you to generate more sales for the same amount of inventory.
  • Flipkart also offers reliable order fulfillment services in India, so you can rest assured that your customers receive their orders quickly and correctly.
  • Smart Flipkart Seller is a crucial program of Flipkart. It offers analytics and reporting capabilities to keep track of your inventory levels and stock trends in real time.

How to get Flipkart assured

Not all products qualify for the “Flipkart Assured” badge. It gets granted by an algorithm created by the data scientists at Flipkart. The algorithm evaluates the effectiveness of all the factors connected to the product and assigns the “Flipkart Assured” badge. Only products that pass stringent tests regarding their quality and the seller’s performance get the “Flipkart Assured” badge.

3 Ways to Get a Flipkart Assured Badge

The products undergo quality checks to earn the “Flipkart Assured” badge. These checks ensure that all customers get the highest quality products with speedy and reliable delivery.

  • transit-safe packing

Flipkart-assured products get examined robustly. The product must be packaged under Flipkart’s strict packaging requirements and with the safest materials possible. The package content could break or be in unpleasant condition if the wrong material gets used for packaging.

  • stringent seller guidelines

Flipkart Assured sellers abide by the strict seller guidelines and uphold the product’s quality standards throughout the process.

  • Fast and Free Shipping

Flipkart Assured also reviews the seller’s shipping efficiency and level of quality. Flipkart Assured covers products delivered within 2-4 working days, and any item costing more than Rs. 500 will receive free shipping. 


After verifying the quality of your product, you should focus on the delivery speed to ensure you can meet Flipkart Assured’s requirements. A Flipkart assured badge benefits customers, as it guarantees a quality product, quick delivery, and free shipping. You can qualify for a Flipkart Assured badge by using Quickshift fulfillment services. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned seller or a beginner. You could increase your exposure on Flipkart by utilizing Quickshift’s zero breach fulfillment.

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