ECommerce logistics companies are becoming increasingly crucial to eCommerce businesses because they are more beneficial to producers and consumers today.

The advantages of Ecommerce fulfillment services India by eliminating intermediaries are well known, including improved supply chain visibility and enhanced client relationships.

QuickShift provides fulfillment solutions for growing direct-to-consumer and omnichannel brands. Let’s look at how direct-to-consumer and omnichannel businesses can benefit from eCommerce logistics companies like QuickShift, which provide fulfillment services that improve supply chain visibility and customer relationships by eliminating middlemen.

What is D2C fulfillment?

Direct-to-consumer fulfillment, or D2C fulfillment, is an e-commerce shipment model in which a vendor sells directly to the consumer via digital channels rather than through intermediaries such as retail outlets, distribution companies, or suppliers. 

The presence of these middlemen reduces the profit margin of the D2C business and lengthens the time it takes to deliver the products.

What are omnichannel businesses?

It unifies everything from merchandising to fulfillment, marketing, and marketplaces. Omni-channel eCommerce is a fully integrated approach across both offline and online channels. It increases customer retention, lowers customer contact costs, and increases revenue by 15% to 35%.

An omnichannel OMS builds a general pool of inventory to increase availability and sales. The OMS is a crucial source of accuracy for order and inventory management systems.

Reasons D2C and omnichannel companies need fulfillment services

  • increased customer satisfaction

Companies that provide order fulfillment services for Omnichannel brands, supply chain management, and D2C brands put forth a lot of effort to provide efficient and timely order fulfillment. You can access skilled personnel and cutting-edge warehouse control tools when you work with a fulfillment company. Due to the expert packaging and delivery of your orders, customers will be happier.

  • helps to make the company stand out from the competition

Offering premium goods at competitive prices no longer draws in customers as it did ten years ago. Industry-wide competition is fierce, and differentiating a brand has never been more challenging. But even so, by focusing on providing an unmatched customer experience throughout the fulfillment process, your brand can stand out from the competition and forge a much stronger emotional bond with customers.

  • Flexible Warehouse Area

Every eCommerce company eventually reaches a point where expansion is necessary. You might need inventory management, order fulfillment services in India to access additional storage space and fulfillment resources to compensate for the sudden increase in demand and supply. Working with a direct-to-consumer omnichannel fulfillment company gives flexibility to quickly adjust to shifting fulfillment demands, especially if the company has a flexible pricing model.

  • Offers Valuable Business Information

Businesses must recognize the perspectives offered by the fulfillment centers in India if they are to succeed. If you can find the ideal fulfillment partner and establish a reliable working relationship, the fulfillment company may be essential to the growth of your company. Your partner is also a great source of information for queries about fulfillment-related topics like controlling inventory, shipments, and packaging.

  • Boosts Product Value

Every step of the fulfillment process should be made simpler if you want to be recognized as a premium company, especially the shipping time. High-end pricing is much easier to defend when customers believe they are getting an exclusive product.

  • The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Your Work

You used Quickshift’s Warehousing services in India, but wouldn’t you be curious about how it handles your inventory? The future and present of India’s e-commerce fulfillment service are being shaped by artificial intelligence (AI), and Quickshift makes sure you get the most out of it. You won’t need to visit your warehouse every day to get updates when you use it to manage your orders with smarter inventory management software because you can get them instantly on your computer. In addition to order processing, which includes accepting orders, automated packaging, labeling, NDR management, etc., this magic also extends to inventory management and stocking.

  • Customer Care And Support

Any brand must excel to succeed, especially if it wants to keep its current customers. Along with managing your orders and handling their storage and shipping logistics, Quickshift Fulfillment also keeps your customers informed and in the loop as needed. They receive regular updates regarding their orders and have access to the tracking option. If their 2-day delivery is delayed or if their package arrives earlier than expected, they will be informed. Your customers won’t need to be on the edge of their seats thanks to Quickshift’s fulfillment logistics.


Because of Quickshift, which has helped D2C brand and omnichannel businesses to grow and prosper greatly, e-commerce delivery in India has never been this sophisticated yet straightforward.

These fulfillment businesses in India continuously supply various emerging startups with the logistics necessities and prepare them to take the lead positions in their respective industries.

QuickShift offers fulfillment services for expanding omnichannel and direct-to-consumer brands.

You can participate in this constantly changing market with Quickshift’s “wholistic” solutions and same-day e-commerce delivery in India. This will allow you to scale up your company in the most effective manner.

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