QS Leap is QuickShift’s in-house app. It helps to make product delivery easier for brands and all parties involved in the logistics process.

The software helps with order management, order processing, package delivery, Quickshift, real-time tracking, QS Leap, logistics service, order management, and payment settlement.

Inventory is a company’s most valuable asset. It is critical to use inventory management software. Inventory management software assists you in optimizing your warehouse and logistics operations. It helps in reducing mistakes and improving customer service. QS Leap includes many features that help streamline the entire order management process. Let’s take a closer look.

QuickShift Leap App’s Features for Order Management

Online retailers rely on eCommerce logistics solutions. They benefit from improved administration, increased scalability, and convenience. Furthermore, logistics companies help to increase client satisfaction.

The QS Leap app provides the benefits of QuickShift’s extensive list of strengths:

  • Inventory management

QuickShift helps to identify geological zones that receive the most orders. It recommends effective inventory placement.

It also aids in inventory management by indicating when stock replenishment is required. Campaign management gets simplified due to real-time fulfillment locations. Real-time tracking of orders and stocks helps in inventory management.

  • Order processing

QS-Leap is a one-stop solution that streamlines and simplifies the entire logistics operation. The application coordinates everything in real time. Whether it is accepting customer orders, being prompted at the warehouse, arranging the packaging, or dispatching operations. It also assists in allocating the nearest rider for order delivery, receiving payment, and providing feedback.

Technology and innovation are at the heart of QuickShift. QS Leap not only helps you to stay ahead but also allows you to address crucial areas such as stakeholder benefit, rider empowerment, and market disruption preparations.

  • Same day shipping 

Consumers today have come to expect same day shipping. Those businesses that do not provide it are often at a disadvantage.

QuickShift provides same day shipping and delivery services just like Amazon

Quickshift Rapid: We offer same-day delivery services in all major metro areas. The Rapid Shipping badge can increase sales at your online store.

QS Rapids’ unique distribution network can help you to enhance customer satisfaction.

  • International shipping

Growing your brand’s international presence can increase sales and chances of success. Firms must strategically arrange their activities and carefully select the best eCommerce shipping alternatives during international business.

  • Services from India

QuickShift provides simple international shipping services from India. It accomplishes this with the help of its domestic and international partners.

The result is the smooth and timely transit and updates of your packages.

  • QS Leap, logistics service 

The app is a one-stop shop that streamlines and clarifies QuickShift’s assortment of logistical services.

QS provides Same-Day Delivery, Domestic Shipping, and International Shipping.

The app organizes everything, from taking customer orders and informing the facilities to organizing the packing and shipping procedures. Additionally, the app may collect feedback and confirm monetary payments.

  • Order management

Every day, we assist Shopify businesses in completing orders as swiftly and affordably as possible to satisfy client expectations. You can concentrate on expanding your business rather than worrying about e-commerce fulfillment. Shopify’s seamless integration with QuickShift software automates fulfillment and inventory management.

  • Track your order

QuickShift’s single dashboard tracking platform provides real-time tracking to track your order.

You can track the status of your shipment through an Order ID or AWB number.

  • ECommerce fulfillment services

In Ecommerce fulfillment services India is growing rapidly. Our solution provides warehousing and distribution solutions for online stores. You can store your products at our fulfillment centers. They are tech enabled and available across India. 

Fulfillment centers India:

There are a lot of fulfillment centers India needs. And so does your business. You may increase your Amazon sales with dependable fulfilment from QuickShift.

Whether you are already selling on Amazon or trying to get the Amazon Prime badge for your product listings. Our network can ensure larger profit margins with minimal maintenance. We guarantee on-time fulfillment with ZERO SLA Breaches.

Smart Fulfillment by Flipkart

If you have a fantastic product, the only thing you need to pay attention to is delivery speed. You can apply for a Flipkart Assured Badge by using QuickShift fulfillment services. Regardless of your experience, our Zero breach fulfillment increases your visibility on Flipkart.


A company’s most valuable asset is its inventory. Inventory management software helps you to optimise your warehouse and logistics operations. It can reduce errors, enhance customer service, reduce current and potential problems.

To make your consumers happy, QS Leap focuses on the minute particulars of each procedure. QuickShift has assisted numerous companies in providing quick delivery at competitive prices.

The QS Leap app simplifies inventory management, shipping monitoring, and order processing. It has also made it more accessible to streamline the entire order management process with the help of the many helpful tools that QS Leap offers.

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