The Shopify Fulfillment Guide

As eCommerce customers continue to get used to faster delivery of their online orders, a slower fulfillment service may lead to a thinning customer base. If you are a Shopify store looking for growing your business, then it is the right time to think ahead of time and revamp the fulfillment aspect of your business. 

Although a large chunk of customers openly claim that they love their orders shipped faster and in a good shape, fulfillment is still an under-appreciated aspect of the eCommerce businesses.

However, planning your whole Shopify fulfillment process can be challenging, especially when you are new in the eCommerce arena. Fortunately, there are now multiple third-party fulfillment service providers who understand your business and are willing to up your fulfillment game.

In the following guide, we will touch upon multiple aspects of Shopify fulfillment like the utility of a third-party fulfillment service provider for your Shopify business, a step-by-step process of the fulfillment process, and finally, choosing the right 3PL for your Shopify business. Let’s begin:

Third-Party Fulfillment for Shopify Businesses

Third-party logistics or Shopify fulfillment services are businesses that take care of the fulfillment stage of an eCommerce business. 3PLs for Shopify receive alerts for order placements, then they take care of order picking, packaging, and labeling, and finally, they fulfill the last-mile delivery.

As a business, you would always want to provide a same-day delivery service to your customers, and that is when the need of engaging with a 3PL service provider as Quickshift arises. Let us at the complete role of a 3PL service provider for Shopify businesses in the changing times of online businesses.

Guide To Working With a 3PL For Shopify Store

Send Products To 3PL Partner

The process of fulfillment begins with selling merchants sending over their products to the warehouses of the fulfillment partner. Some 3PL service providers offer eCommerce fulfillment services in India starting from product pickup to order delivery. The first step, i.e., sending the product to your 3PL partner is crucial as it also involves sending the details of the customer, its shipment area, and the expected timeline of order fulfillment.

Inventory Distribution by 3PL Partner

Depending upon your customer location, a 3PL service provider recommends warehousing services in India for inventory storage. For example, if the majority of your customers are located around Delhi NCR, it’s better to have a warehouse there. Also, there are several models of inventory distribution and if you decide to engage with a 3PL partner, you might get several options for inventory distribution methods and you can then choose the one that suits your business best.

Shipping Of Your Shopify Orders

A 3PL partner goes ahead to provide a wide range of options for the shipping process. It largely depends upon what suits your business needs. Good 3PL service providers like Quickshift fulfillment further partner with multiple courier and delivery services for better last-mile fulfillment of the order to your customer. A 3PL partner takes care of the packaging, labeling, and invoicing too, all they need is the ordered product from your warehouse.

Customer Satisfaction With Best Fulfillment Experience

Over the last few years, the shipment process has gradually improved. Additional features like multiple-mode payment and live real-time tracking have made it possible for customers to instill their trust in eCommerce businesses from platforms like Shopify.

Apart from this, faster shipments, lower costs, and innovative packaging options all combine to provide a better and more appreciable online shopping experience. By keeping the customers happy, your Shopify business secures itself with better reviews, and in turn, a better future for your business.

Quickshift is a much-preferred fulfillment service that provides international shipping service, regardless of the size of your business. You can always refer to the best-reviewed and rated 3PL fulfillment services that take care of your fulfillment requirements.

Final Tip

When it comes to deciding upon the right fulfillment partner for your business, be very sure to look for a 3PL service provider that provides value for money, updated software, and end-to-end integration, along with advanced analytics and similar industry experience. It is best for a Shopify business to engage with a third-party logistics provider which has previously dealt with similar fulfilling processes.


For eCommerce brands present on Shopify, their order fulfillment process is something that makes or breaks their name among the hundreds of competing businesses across different channels. Small shops can get along while handling their logistics on their own, but as the businesses grow, it is a good idea to start considering third-party fulfillment services like Quickshift which are specifically meant to meet the streamlining requirements of the eCommerce business.

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