What Is The Importance Of Same-Day Delivery?

Shipment and eCommerce fulfillment services have become the battlefield of retailers wishing to engage customers for the long term. Same-day delivery is the weapon with the potential to bring fundamental change in business ventures.

It combines the powers of online retail convenience with the swift efficiency of local departmental stores. According to a report published in Business Today, the demand for goods and services that incorporate same-day delivery will increase exponentially in terms of the value proposition.

This further reinforces the idea that same-day delivery will become the deciding factor to gather loyal consumers in online retail in the future. But… What’s the deeper context to the popularity of same-day delivery?

Why Is Same-Day Delivery Important?

Companies with operations to craft business models based on online fulfillment are expected to reduce RTO losses in their ventures. Here is a list of reasons highlighting the importance of same-day delivery.

1.     E-Commerce Fulfillment And Parcel Logistics

The ever-rising shares of online retail stores have led to the cruciality of final delivery on the same day. The latter drives the majority of D2C brands in India.

Parcel logistics trigger rapid and potent evolution of services that present higher convenience. Alternate delivery and pickup choices such as locker boxes further speed the process.

One to two-day delivery is the current standardized duration in the eCommerce fulfillment sector. QuickShift fulfillment works to curate the following revolutionary step which is same-day delivery at a feasible rate.

2.     Enhanced Pace Of Market Technology

Consumers expect prompt access to the products and services with the advent of same-day delivery. Online retailing and eCommerce fulfillment services in India have increased the demand, thereby making same-day delivery a prioritized need for marketing.

The development in technology has led to an increase in same-day delivery through portals and eCommerce networks with mutual benefits to both the distributor and company.

This makes it easy for the company to sell products without opening entire branches. It is crucial to see that retailers need to open a multichannel delivery that caters to immediacy.

If your services still don’t offer same-day delivery then you can approach QuickShift fulfillment. For incentives on beginning the journey to a faster delivery system that keeps up with the trends of the global market trends.

3.     Strong Base Drivers For Growth Of Same-Day Delivery

The market domain for same-day delivery services derives ignition from macro-trends such as increased GDP rate, intensive e-commerce adoption, modified consumer expectations, and urbanization.

Same-day delivery can only be carried out through a critical consumer mass. There are other aspects as well. For example, there must be a lucrative financial proposition to operate in this premium service.

The criticality of shooting GDP per capita becomes prominent in larger metropolitan areas. The target economic denominations should be based on metropolitan rather than entire nations.

However, the mere existence of a group of consumers with higher spending potential in a specific locale is not enough. An integrated e-commerce adoption serves as a prerequisite for the actual progress of same-day delivery in fulfillment centers of India.

ECommerce Fulfillment Services In Mumbai And India

India has become an up-and-coming arena of premium shipment with reliable brand names like QuickShift fulfillment. The incumbent logistics of same-day delivery benefit the e-retailers by providing immediate access to products for their customers.

This enhances their stature among micro fulfillment centers in India and also in comparison to static stores. The large variety of choices, enhanced convenience, and lower retail prices make online retail more captivating.

Physical store retailers have a silver lining too. By combining their current infrastructure with an e-commerce network, their same-day delivery scale can be increased.

As most services go online, a multi-faceted channel including online fulfillment can help them gain more consumers and retain existing ones. The economy of India makes it quintessential for you to gauge the intricacies of eCommerce fulfillment services in India.

How Does Micro Fulfillment Centre In India Function?

Micro fulfillment centers refer to the utilization of small but efficient automatic storage facilities near the end consumer. The goal of which is to reduce the net cost and time for delivery.

Micro fulfillment centers in India are segregated into two segments:

  • Software management processors built for online instructions
  • Physical brick-and-mortar infrastructure

This is inclusive of robots and AI resources employed to scour the aisles and carry the required delivery to the consumer. The MFCs (also called dark stores) contribute to economic development by providing faster modes of shipment.


With the outbursting demand for same-day delivery, it is evident that online retailers and offline stores, both require eCommerce fulfillment centers in India.

The market intelligence reports mentioned in the Business Insider predicted that the sales in online retail would soar to $632 billion in the year 2020.

With major retailers like Walmart and Amazon in the race, it becomes crucial for smaller enterprises to dive into the trend and provide customers with the promptness they desire.

QuickShift fulfillment services assist you in figuring the ideal business model to enable same-day delivery in your network, thereby keeping you on top of the trend.

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