How Do Micro Fulfillment Centers Help eCommerce Brands?

Preparedness is one of the biggest factors that can lead any D2C brand in India or elsewhere to achieve massive success in the most unexpected of circumstances. This is highly evident from the Covid-19 waves hitting all of us and uprooting numerous brands.

When even the leading retailers lost their sizable business to the global pandemic, there seems to be another push to take the eCommerce business closer to the customer.

The e-commerce competition is now getting into same-day deliveries. And this is where the role of micro fulfillment centers in India grabbed the spotlight.

 What Is A Micro Fulfillment Centre (MFC)?

A micro fulfillment center is a small fulfillment center, often highly automated, located in densely populated urban and suburban areas. Besides benefitting from the order fulfillment service, businesses can also use them for local store pick-ups.

In terms of dimensions, an ideal MFC can occupy 5,000 square feet at the most. These are generally referred to as “dark stores” because they are often located in parking lots, garages, and rear sides of the existing stores.

The sole aim of a micro fulfillment center is to provide “targeted” e-commerce fulfillment services in India or elsewhere to the business and meet order requirements within the next 24 to 48 hours. Therefore, these centers are the busiest of all, heavily automated, and adopt the decentralized inventory approach.

 How  Do  Micro  Fulfillment  Centers  Help  E-Commerce  Brands?

MFCs are by far the smartest and most efficient form of providing eCommerce fulfillment services in India or in any other country. Relying on them can land your benefits ranging from finance to customer satisfaction, eventually leading to more sales and profits. You can not only reduce RTO losses with an MFC but also gain a competitive edge that becomes hard to beat by others.

Therefore, let’s start exploring the upside of micro fulfillment centers and see for yourself how they can help e-commerce brands, including yours!

1. Automation That Brings You Success

One of the biggest reasons every other D2C brand in India is now adopting the trend of micro fulfillment is automation. MFCs have their roots in automated systems, with robotics governing the working of the fulfillment center, right from picking to packing your orders.

Furthermore, micro fulfillment centers in India and globally have successfully decreased the error rate in inventory management and order processing for various brands, all thanks to automation.

2. Optimization Of Supply Chains

A micro fulfillment center in India can do wonders for giant e-commerce brands since the decentralization of inventory is directly proportional to reduced supply chain disruptions.

Bigger brands tend to provide omnichannel fulfillment services to their customers for a better experience, especially in terms of flexibility and purchasing. However, the system gets more complex with an increased number of channels to provide the inventory through.

A  micro fulfillment center in India helps you set your in-store inventory needs aside from curbside pickups or last-mile deliveries. This way, you get to prevent your supply chain from disturbance and even optimize your inventory.

3. Better Customer Relationship And Satisfaction

A customer is a reason why any business exists. And opening an MFC with the help of leading e-commerce courier companies like Quickshift is synonymous with taking one step closer to your customer in a hassle-free manner.

4. MFC = Cost-Efficiency

MFC services provided by e-commerce courier companies like Quickshift can eventually drive you towards better financial stability for your business.

By having your order fulfillments streamlined and more intelligent, customers are bound to put their trust in your brand, thereby eliminating the chances of product returns. This can help you reduce RTO losses to a great extent.

Furthermore, MFCs are a great way to cut down footprints (especially with vertical storage led by robotics), thereby also bidding farewell to higher real estate costs.

5. Speedy Delivery And Lower Shipping Costs

One of the most efficient ways to find happy customers is to deliver their orders as quickly as possible. With MFCs, you can deliver even on the same day or within a few hours when the order is placed. Nothing can make a customer happier than a swift delivery!

MFCs can make your bank account happier too. Delivering in local areas reduces the shipping distance, which means fewer greenhouse emissions. Moreover, the shipping costs can be significantly reduced when orders are fulfilled locally.  This is one of the best ways for E-Commerce brands to ensure high ROI and save money.


QuickShift fulfillment, India’s best-in-class order fulfillment service, offers top-notch  MFC  solutions to help you achieve scalability,  flexibility,  and cost-efficiency.  In addition,  with  QuickShift’s same-day and next-day delivery options, you can rest assured your orders are in good and reliable hands.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a fulfillment service in India that’s affordable, automated, and scalable, look no further than Quickshift fulfillment, your ultimate e-commerce courier partner!

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