Quickshift Opens New Multichannel Fulfillment Center In Kolkata

3PL fulfillment service firm QuickShift has announced opening a brand-new multi-channel fulfillment center in Kolkata, West Bengal. It is a firm that aims to smoothen out the creases in the supply chains of D2C brands in the northeastern region of India.

They have leased an enormous 20,000 feet of warehousing facility for optimum functioning. QuickShift will act as a micro fulfillment center in India (MFC) with the new warehouse in place.

Current Scenario Of E-Commerce In The North-East Region

The North-East Region of India (NER) is situated in a strategic location, i.e., between East Asia and South Asia. In recent years, E-Commerce has found its way to the NER and is expanding rapidly. As a result, the logistics network is evolving and growing. But, a smooth IT-enabled distribution network is still a fantasy.

Ecommerce fulfillment services in India can help change this scenario. Ecommerce fulfillment services enable brands to carry the operations after efficiently receiving the order. The functions include picking, packaging, shipping, and delivering to the customer.

In addition, warehousing, stock tracking, inventory management, and orders are also performed by the warehousing services in India for the clients.

Benefits of QuickShift Warehousing For E-Commerce Brands

Today, customers are very powerful because they can buy what they want with a few swipes and clicks. Therefore, it is the responsibility of E-Commerce businesses to keep up with the pace and demands. With the top eCommerce fulfillment companies in India like QuickShift, they can ensure customers’ delight in a hassle-free manner.

Further, the rocky terrain of the NER can pose some difficulty in timely deliveries. So, having a well-equipped storage facility and logistics system in place would be like a blessing. QuickShift fulfillment will give you just that.

Moreover, since West Bengal’s Siliguri is a bridge between Kolkata and the NER states, shipping time and costs will be drastically reduced. Apart from that, your brand will enjoy all the benefits of having an MFC or fulfillment center.

Advantages Of Fulfillment Centres For E-Commerce Companies

Having a fulfillment center in India can be a great competitive advantage as it saves both time and money. Let’s explore the reasons why.

1.     Automated Operations To Increase Efficiency

Most of the MFCs or dark stores in India and globally are equipped with new-age automation technology. Automation increases efficiency and reduces the chances of error. The top eCommerce fulfillment companies in India are helping E-commerce brands to manage their inventory neatly. A smooth inventory management system is a boon because it eases out the fulfillment operations.

2.     Speedy Deliveries = Satisfied Customers

Having a fulfillment service like QuickShift with a sturdy logistics network will help your brand stand out. In addition, the delivery time is decreased drastically when the goods are stored at local warehouses.

It helps your brand to ensure next day delivery or same-day delivery within a few hours. Apart from delivery, dealing with the exchange and return requests would be made easier too.

3.     Reduced Shipping Costs

Shipping orders to far-off places can be a burden on your pocket. But, MFCs are located locally. This will cut down shipping costs by a significant percentage. Often, this is a good help when you are looking to scale up your business. The funds you save from less shipping costs act as fuel to kickstart the scaling projects. Less shipping charges will also give you an edge over others.

4.     Earning Green Points Made Easier

Every business needs to pay the government for the pollution they cause. And, as a matter of fact, transportation is the biggest contributor to this. Fulfillment services operating in the area can help you deal with this.

With local warehouses and shipping over a small area, the carbon emission of your company will decrease. This helps to reduce the carbon footprint. Less carbon footprint helps a business to earn green points and pay less to the government. This can make your brand both profitable and sustainable.

5.     Reduce RTO Orders

RTO (Return to origin) orders cast a negative impression on your delivery performance. Repeated RTOs from the same location means that something is fishy. It also means that customer experience is being degraded due to poor delivery services.

But, if you have fulfillment centers in place, it will help you ensure that the goods reach your customers in good condition. With a warehouse close to customers, you can also conduct demand forecasting better. Overall, MFCs reduce RTO orders by quite a margin.


A reliable fulfillment service can make your e-commerce brand a smooth-functioning machine. With market leaders like Quickshift, you get an experienced courier partner, even in the NER. The new facility in Kolkata will help D2C brands reduce shipping costs and deliver orders in less time in the NER.

Since the northeastern states have a lot of untapped potential in terms of business, this is truly a piece of good news. Hence, if you’re looking for a fulfillment service in Kolkata, QuickShift is the smartest choice to grow and expand your business.

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