Things To Remember While Order Processing

The life cycle of an online sale can be generally broken into three sections – pre-order, order processing and post-order. Here, the pre-request stage manages issues like research, sourcing/purchasing of inventory, SKU coding, pricing, setting up the online shop, and so forth. The post-order stage is about shipment tracking, payment, dealing returns, and so on. While we will manage every one of these stages in discrete posts, this one is especially about the immeasurably significant order processing stage. Order processing service is the thing that you will do once you have gotten the order through your online entry, till you have effectively shipped it off to your client. A bunch number of the process are included between these two phases, every one of them as signs that the following. As a matter of first importance, you will order every one of your orders from various online commercial centers to be combined into one single sheet. This should be possible in a hassle-free way by utilizing multi-channel inventory management software like QuickShift. When this is done, different advances like checking inventory, making a pick and pack records, creating manifests, etc. We have made a rundown of the 6 most significant ones. Give us a chance to take a gander at every one of them in detail.

Process Orders:

  • Checking Inventory Status

When your order list is consolidated, you have to check your inventory for the accessibility of the ideal product. This is the place the imperativeness of SKU codes is figured it out. Is the product in stock? If no, would it be able to be obtained in time? In the big that it is accessible, is it accessible in various areas? In the comprehensive view, the area based accessibility of the item will be a central point in the conveyance time to the client. When the ideal item is recognized and the stock is deducted, this is the point at which you truly begin processing the order.

  • Creating a Pick List

Now that the products have been identified as being stock, comes the time to pick them up for packing. This appears to be a simple enough process, but can be a reason for real missteps. Make a particular ‘pick list’, or a report of things to be picked from the warehouse fulfillment center in India. The pick report would not rely on individual orders of clients, yet rather, a single list of the considerable number of items to be sent on a specific day. The activity of the individual to whom the picklist is relegated is to simply gather the items in mass and store them to the packing center.

  • Creating a Pack List

The pack list is entirely unique. A single client may wind up buying multiple products which would need to be gathered and packed together. A pack list is solely founded on individual orders, to help the packing process. Clump the products delivered by your pack list. Creating two different lists for your picking and packing needs would definitely reduce a margin of error.

  • Handle the Courier Issue

Is the order from an online commercial center or your own website? Does the online commercial center give a dispatch service? In the event that it does, print shipping label and AWBs and advise the commercial center for a booked get. On the off chance that the order is to be self-fulfilled, you should have a courier system set up. Is it accurate to say that you are wanting to endure the messenger costs or do you expect that your client should do as such? Every one of these situations requires various strides in arranging and documentation. Keep in mind that the client must be told before the buy that he/she would need to hold up under the cost of delivery.

  • Print Shipping Labels and Manifests

Once the nitty-gritty of the courier is dealt with, print and paste shipping labels, AWB, and other documentation, and dispatch your products. A very important is to make a day by day show that shows what number of orders are in travel and holding on to be fulfilled. This will be your master list until the products have been delivered to your clients. Make individual shows for the different dispatch benefits that you will employ. This will keep your processing dashboard extremely clear and simple.

  • Notify Your Customers

Many online vendors overlook this fundamental advance during order processing. If it’s not too much trouble send auspicious notices to your clients with respect to the status of your orders. With inventory management software like QuickShift, this will be done naturally for you. Take care to make frameworks so banners will be brought up if there should arise an occurrence of delays in dispatch transportation. You can even share the dispatch following number with your customers.

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