With customers rapidly moving to online shopping, most of them are adopting different modes of shopping. Owing to the rise in demand, several online marketplaces have come up in the last few years. Several marketplaces are now committed to providing an unmatchable experience to the businesses. 

If you too want to experience great success for your business, you need the help of experts. Starting an online eCommerce marketplace is not enough for you also need to indulge in maintaining them appropriately. If you want to give your sales a boost, we have brought the ultimate guide to selling on the top online marketplaces

Popular Marketplaces to Accelerate Growth of Your Business

Small businesses often need to partner with these online marketplaces to bring growth to their business. Here are some of the most popular marketplaces in today’s time to get started with:


All of us know what Amazon is. Well, it is one of the major eCommerce giants who can help in upscaling your business in no time. This is the perfect marketplace for retailers, resellers and wholesalers. Over the years, Amazon has introduced some excellent programs for the growth of these retailers. As a leading unicorn platform Amazon accepts electronics, household items, dresses and so much more. If you sign up on Amazon as a seller, you can grow your business with QuickShift.


Owned by the Alibaba group, AliExpress is aimed at bridging the gap between small businesses and their customers. If you ever visit the online website of AliExpress, you will be surprised to find at how cheap the products are being sold. As a seller on AliExpress, you don’t have to be a leading company or signed with any. Instead, you can be an independent seller, sign up on the platform and get started. With the help of Alibaba, small businesses get a bigger platform to showcase their products and reach out to the target audience. One of the biggest benefits of AliExpress is that not only can you grow in the Southeast Asian market but also globally at a rapid scale. 


Flipkart in India started in a similar way in which Amazon started. Although initially they started as a website for selling books, they soon expanded their niche across different spaces. Flipkart is quite popular in the Indian market as being one of the leading marketplaces providing affordable electronic products. In the Indian market, the audience eagerly waits for the Flipkart Big Billion Days considering how many affordable products it has to offer. If you want to get started with Flipkart, you can take the help of QuickShift. Quickshift is helping D2C brands to grow their business significantly across these online marketplaces. 


In a quite small time, Nykaa has gained extreme popularity in the online industry in India. Contrary to the popular belief that Nykaa is only for makeup, it is not. There are Nykaa sellers who are available on the platform selling fashion accessories as well. Nykaa has an omnichannel presence to cater to the needs of audiences across different sectors. In the cosmetic sector, Nykaa has their own three in-house brands. For the first time in the Indian market, Nykaa became the first marketplace to cater to the men’s grooming space as well.


IndiaMart works quite on the similar principles as AliExpress. Their prime motto is to connect the audience with the small businesses. In today’s time, numerous small and big businesses are available on IndiaMart. All you need to do is sign up and showcase your products. As a business registered in IndiaMart, you need to provide contact information, that will remain anonymous until any one raises a query from your business. 


Undoubtedly, Meesho became one of the fastest growing eCommerce companies in India. If you sign up on Meesho, you can boost your online sales with QuickShift’s fulfillment centers. This should mostly be the case when your business is struggling with the shipment of products. In India, Meesho is one of its kind socially conscious brands who wants to raise awareness in the market. Meesho has been catering to the needs of customers across all cities of India- whether it’s the metro cities or non-metro cities. 


It won’t be wrong to say that FirstCry is one of its kind virtual eCommerce marketplaces in India dealing exclusively with baby products. Ever since FirstCry entered this space, they have only disrupted the industry and has been the forerunner of this category. FirstCry has end-to-end all products for the kids ranging from feeders to clothes and even their toys. 


Signing up on the right online marketplace can give your business a significant boost. It is advisable to choose a platform that further aligns with your business goals. The eCommerce platform should be able to help you achieve your business goals. However, if you plan to go independent, you can always choose Quickshift. QS leap app’s numerous features can therefore help you align with your business needs. As a result, your business would see accelerated growth in a short period only.